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CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.521 available (motion blur, faster dof, final geo mode, bugfixes and Cinema 4D R19)
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Oct 6, 2017 07:16
Hello everyone!

CentiLeo 0.52 for Cinema 4D R16-R18 is available! At this time we have implemented Motion Blur! It can be played in IPR mode with all the things movable and autodetected interactively. Very fast convergence and good memory efficiency. Also we have improved Depth of Field noise reduction (it's faster now). Very usefull FIN GEO mode is added to IPR which renders the same scene as Picture Viewer (and supports changing shading). However the most time in this version development was spent on bugfixing that were living since 0.48 but were less evident before.


Change Log: cntlc4d 0.521 alpha (2017 October 10)

[C4D plugin] Support Cinema 4D R19
[core] Fixed crash bug when mesh has UV channel #2 and no UV channel #1

Change Log: cntlc4d 0.520 alpha (2017 October 6)

[core] Motion Blur (MB) support with up to 32 object transformation keys and deformation motion blur (2 keys only).
- Fast noise reduction.
- Supported in IPR with enabled auto detector for scene changes (with up to 4 transformation keys).
- There is no slowdown in scenes without motion blur.
- When deformation MB is enabled memory consumption adds 40% of dynamic scene objects. And our out-of-core tech may help here.
- MB settings are in Camera Tab of Render Settings (and are global for the scene).
- Toggling MB enable and deformation enable flags, and FPS will reload the scene.
- Motion blur doesn't handle different vertex count inside one mesh in different time but it handles different instances count inside Cloner object within the same frame (the appearance of new instance is blurred).
[core] Depth of Field - much faster noise reduction.
[core] Fixed a lot of bugs that could cause rare random crashes (due to complex parallel thread processing here and there).
[C4D plugin] Scene loading code is performed in a background thread which removes the blocks of Main Cinema GUI when large mesh edits or large scene changes are loaded to CentiLeo renderer in IPR mode. Moving single object instances here and there become slightly slower (but still interactive).
[IPR] Added “FIN GEO” mode which means (Final Geometry). This mode enables production render scene evaluation inside IPR window (same as in Picture Viewer). When FIN GEO is enabled then scene changes auto detection is off, but camera and material changes are detected. This mode is good to modify shading when geometry is ready.

Known issues

- Displacement mapping feature is deactivated due to large code changes overall. This feature will be recovered within the next few short CentiLeo updates.
- May not initialize if AMD GPU is in your computer together with NVIDIA GPU.
- Very limited scene converter tool from Cinema 4D native materials (only diffuse color and texture are converted and translated if assigned to the object)
- May not support non-latin texture paths.

Important note

We are currently using JUCE library ( for IPR GUI under Personal license (which is free) for initial testing purpose. In IPR window it will show in the right bottom corner a splash screen for the first start and it dissapears in few sec. It may also connect to Google Analytics to collect end-user stats. Juce guys claim this is nothing bad but stats collection so they know who is using them. However, the plugin works perfectly without any Internet connection.
If everything works well on main technical side then we will buy the full license of JUCE and get rid of these small issues.

Please test it and give us feedback to discover further improvements!

Best regards,
Edited: Kirgman - Oct 10, 2017 20:06 (Update 0.521: support Cinema 4D R19)
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Oct 6, 2017 08:29

Small example with deformation and transformation motion blur
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Oct 10, 2017 20:06
Update 0.521: support Cinema 4D R19
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