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First impressions - Aleksey
Just some thoughts.

Material manager, the tabs don't dissapear when disabled. Makes it a bit confusing, but no big deal once you know its like that.

Focus distance for DoF effect isn't tied to camera focus distance, ( easy fix with xpresso)

otherwise feeling pretty nice, just testing on some crystals:

Seems fast enough too, i guess for me defining features will be how well is supports stuff like hair, particle, vdb volumes etc.

Will test some other scenes and keep posting.
Sami Timkala
Guest  Posts:
Oct 28, 2018 12:07
Hi Aleksey, and welcome here! CentiLeo it uses the focus distance field data from the native Camera object itself if the Camera object is created. If not created then the render settings are used.

In the next 0.57 release material tabs properly dissapear if checkboxes near tabs are toggled. There will be 2x more texture nodes in 0.57: more noises, flakes, ramps, gradient, better randomizer, native procedural texture coordinates and some other nice things. Pretty much like Octane, Cycles or even more (except of OSL).
Proper particle / massive small grain instancing support will also come soon at 0.60. However, hair and OpenVDB will appear later than all these basic things.

Aleksey voznesenski wrote:
Seems fast enough too
there is no speed we can be happy with :)
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