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Material " Chrome " ...
Hello everyone ;),
I am new, and I would need some advice ... how to create a material "Chrome " under Cinema 4D R20 with Centileo?
Thank you in advance, and good evening ;).
Edited: Moulin Marc - 21.05.2019 13:51:31
Hi Marc! And welcome here!
After 2 more releases there will be a documentation explaining how to do many things.
Currently I would suggest to make chrome with 2 reflection channels:
Reflection 1: color = white, roughness = 0.2, IOR = 1.3
Reflection 2: color = white, roughness = 0.6, IOR = 1000 (totally outweights all underlying layers like diffuse and others).
You may optionally add scratched bump for Reflection 2 only. Just make bump and uncheck it for Relction 1.
CentiLeo 0.580 for Cinema:

CentiLeo 0.553 for 3ds Max:

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Hi Kirgman,
Thank you very much, I'll see what this gives.
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