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First impressions - Aleksey
Hi Aleksey, and welcome here! CentiLeo it uses the focus distance field data from the native Camera object itself if the Camera object is created. If not created then the render settings are used.

In the next 0.57 release material tabs properly dissapear if checkboxes near tabs are toggled. There will be 2x more texture nodes in 0.57: more noises, flakes, ramps, gradient, better randomizer, native procedural texture coordinates and some other nice things. Pretty much like Octane, Cycles or even more (except of OSL).
Proper particle / massive small grain instancing support will also come soon at 0.60. However, hair and OpenVDB will appear later than all these basic things.

Aleksey voznesenski wrote:
Seems fast enough too
there is no speed we can be happy with :)
Transmission layer don't work for me, I move the spinner but nothing happend
Hi render studio, the screenshot from your computer is very nice, he-he :)

But I understand a problem.

Just see this video how to create glass:

We have designed a material when top layers of material override the lower layers. For example by default the base layer mask is 1 and then nothing is visible under it. So Transmission is invisible regardless of it's mask. Currently material has stack based priority of internal layers (Reflection1, Reflection2, Base and Transmission). For example Reflection 1 layer with mask=1 will ovveride everything under it. You may also look to the User Manual - cntlmax-0.42alpha.pdf (page 17) for further explanations.

I think that with setting by default a stack based material layering we have simply confused many users. So, next version I think we should make material layers based on relative weighting against each other by default and optionally switch them to stack bases layering using checkbox flags (which is very usefull for falloff IOR based reflection masks).

Btw in a week or so we will make an update with new features and better performance ;)
Initial alpha version of CentiLeo for Cinema 4D ready!
Good news, one user reported that binary of CentiLeo library compiled for R17 also works for today released R18! Just copy from R17 folder to the similar copy of R18
The list of wishes (after using 0.40 and 0.41), suggestions, opinions and wishes
Hi Christoph, welcome here!

We will do all of that and deformation motion blur is the first out of your list.

As for denoiser then we will first optimize existing unbiased solution. There is a very good resource to make it much faster. And when most of our list in this area will be done then we will work on denoiser which is an interesting opportunity too.

As for skin shader - have you seen that we have 3 multiple-scatter SSS layers? With weight, color and radius for each layer. However, SSS not yet fully optimized, but the chances are good here.
Initial alpha version of CentiLeo for Cinema 4D ready!
Hi Alexey, thanks for your feedback, this is a contribution we are looking for. And right, we need user point of view. As for programming then we consult with Maxon directly.

Fast replies - is important job as well as improving the product.
The progress of working in CentiLeo ^_^, Testing. Sharing. Feedbacking.
Bakha wrote:
One more clean example. Need fixing materials
Intersting work! Thank you

Bakha wrote:
Seems that with firefly_killer = 0.5 or 1.0 the noise goes away faster in this scene and Ms/sec is higher. It seems to be coool!
With firefly_killer there are different internal algorithms involved and so they have different performance characteristics resulting in better performance for some heavy lightin scenes and no more than 2x worse performance for relatively simple lighting. These algorithms (enabled by positive firefly_killer) are experimental and not switched on by default. They are a little bit clever for some situations but have some memory overhead.
Bakha wrote:
Why different render_iter_power changes Ms/sec too much?
Smaller render_iter_power simply allocates less number of samples to compute one iteration. So the the image iteration computes faster with render_iter_power = 0 but it brings less valuable information per iteration and saturates the GPU less. However, it can be usefull for small GPUs and interactive previews while modeling. For performant GPUs like 980s it is recommended to enable render_iter_power = 1
The list of wishes (after using 0.40 and 0.41), suggestions, opinions and wishes
Hi Bakha, thanks for wishes.

#12 is in 0.41 btw, check it.
#14 - the idea was to remove lights completely, but if you want to remove them making black then just make zero intensity. When we have the light lister it will be much easier.
#8 - it will probably be our own resource collector for cntlTexture and cntlProxies. Right now 3ds max doesn't even see resources from not-own shaders (even from the other renderers). But it is possible to edit paths to CentiLeo resources in Max asset tracker.

Working on the other things (all of them). Eg, UVW mapping need a lot of more investigation.
The progress of working in CentiLeo ^_^, Testing. Sharing. Feedbacking.
Hi Bakha, progressing well! Wait your new works.

On the 3rd image there is broken highlight. Is it our forum bad conversion, jpeg too high gamma usage?
Is it windows 10?
CentiLeo not responding [SOLVED]
Hello Walid! What GPU are you using? How many GPUs are installed in your computer and which? Can you pleáse show the screenshot of detected GPUs in the dropdown list in the Hardware Settings rollout of CentiLeo renderer settings?

Is it happening on every scene?
Первые тесты (ed: First tests), CentiLeo for 3ds Max v0.40 alpha
Hi Eduard,

Thanks a lot for your wishes. We understand the importance of a good converter (especially from Vray) IPR GUI improvements.

We already see from some other packages how useful it can be. So, we will push our efforts in this direction. First, for Vray.

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