CentiLeo renders video shots for big scenes on a laptop 27.07.2012

These 2 demos show final frame video generated using CentiLeo renderer for 2 scenes: a New York downtown scene represented with 25 million polygons and 8 GB textures and a dynamic simulation for Boeing 777 scene represented with 360 million polygons (stored in 14 GBs of geometry data). Last scene provided by David Kasik, Boeing Corp. For both demos each frame was produced after 1000 iterations of progressive path tracing (ray tracing) at 720p resulting in smooth global illumination with all reflections ON.

Full single frame production (including dynamic data processing and ray tracing) takes up to 5 minutes on a laptop with a mobile GPU: GeForce GTX 485M. All the computations of the renderer are done using GPU and scene content exceeds the physical GPU memory by an order of magnitude.

These results are distinguished because now you don't need ultra expensive computers or processors to run your challenging projects. With a CentiLeo approach consumer computers (even mobile ones) suffice your rendering needs.

Since 2011 we have added fast dynamic polygon support (building high quality spatial index), massive texture support, out-of-core ray tracer working several times faster for worst cases, removed lossy geometry compression (now full precision is used), friendly pipeline architechture for programable shaders. See details on Features page.

You can test it on SIGGRAPH 2012 exhibition (booth 1012)!

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