CentiLeo interactive huge scene explorer 27.07.2012

This demo proves that it is possible to explore huge scenes with lot's of textures on a consumer computer with a single GPU thanks to the efficient virtual memory manager.

New York downtown scene represented by 25 million polygons and 8 gigabyte of textures (more than 1000 high-resolution textures) and Boeing 777 scene represented by 360 million polygons (or 250 million polygons in some shots).

A demo shows captured work of CentiLeo program where the image is updated with a viewer camera move through the scene. Frame updates are accumulated together reducing the Monte Carlo noise in the image if camera is not moving.

1280x720 image updates run 10 times per second with 10 bounce path tracing (ray tracing) using a laptop GPU resulting in interactive huge scene exploration with GI.

Laptop specs include: 200 GB SSD storage, 16 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 485M graphics card with 2 GB of memory.

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