CentiLeo 0.580 for Cinema 4D R16-R20

Sep 23, 2019 13:00

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Finally we are releasing the 0.58 update of CentiLeo for Cinema 4D R16-R20. It was a very complex development with a lot of changes and novel methods. We have got 2x - 10x rendering speedup. The render speed is always at least 2x better than before and depending on the lighting complexity the speedup is even higher. See below!
Some polishing and issue fixing still should be done but results are already very cool!

Rendering speedup from 2x to up to 10x 

- Render iterations are around 2x faster almost always (base speedup);
- Render iterations become smarter and reduce the noise better for global illumination, in some cases it is required 2-4x less iterations to get same noise level as before. These improvements are best visible for interiors and night scenes especially for regions with dominated global illumination and lack of direct lighting. This improvement work for all area lights, mesh lights and environment HDRI with portals.
- Mesh lights with complex shapes (more than few polygons) generate 3-4x less noise than before.
- The new algorithm should be always better and more robust than the previous one (less noise per iteration and faster iteration time).
- And there is no cache, no blur, no yet denoiser, no aditional settings, no additional memory consumption 8)

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