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one of my materials became broken when moving the scene into 0.65
The first image is what it looks like in 0.65 (ignore the ship in the foreground, the bitmap location was lost somehow and I fixed it), but the same scene in the old version has the mountain material.
But the mountain material cannot be loaded in 0.65.
These are the nodes. It is a bit more complicated than it needed to be, and I may fix it, but can you see any reason it would do this? Maybe one of the nodes I used broke the material when transferring into the new version, or it could be moving it from s24 to 2023?
I removed the layer node and that seems to have fixed it.

I also noticed many of my bitmap images have lost the file locations and I have to find them again so they work.
I don't know if it is an issue with using the single folder location for my texture cache the same as for 0.644. But it is random which texture locations are wrong, except some of my scenes are nearly all missing and need to be located again.
(CORRECTION/EDIT: I think it has to do with moving my c4d file location to a new subfolder. When I move it back to the original folder the textures are all found like they should be.)

my 3080 Ti seems to render much faster as well in 0.65
MUCH faster.
this same scene above 32 iterations rendered the same time in full as 0.644 could do just 15% of the render in the same time.
So close to 5x faster :D
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Nov 24, 2022 07:18
I have probably overseated with optimizations, and it would be nicer to make 2 releases of it each with some 2x speedup. But getting a one 5x is great too :)

Actually the features, materials and nodes were not modified at all. So everything should be as in the old version. Only the engine speed has changed.
I only remember that I have added the real scene units (mm, cm, meters) to the displacement mapping edge length for the world space mode. In 0.64 this value didn't have any units. Just check this part, maybe it may help changing the edge length of world space split (not pixel adaptive split).
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