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Status of preparing CentiLeo 0.48 alpha
Very clever renderer !! congratulations ! don't stop !
Status of preparing CentiLeo 0.48 alpha
Congratulations...we can see very nice details in dark areas and the colors are nicely rendered.
Very nice work !
3dsmax Lightlister script
very nice work, thank you very much. Very usefull tool.
Status of preparing CentiLeo 0.45 alpha
Congrats !!
Status of preparing CentiLeo 0.43 alpha
Good job !
Please go on !
Test on MSI Notebook 16GoRam and 3Go VRAM GTX 970M, Centileo first tests
hello, sorry, maybe I was wrong.
In fact I thought that the render after 10 mn with Around 20 lights in 800X600 was a little slow...But maybe not...
However it seems that you will accelerate the speed significantly as you mean.

I will try the materials on this scene later, I have a lot of work and I cannot test so often. Moreover, I don't dare to use Centileo on a real project as I still don't feel confident on how to
use it efficiently and of course many tools are missing.But I hope to do it as soon as possible.

Do u plan to use 3ds Max tools like the new physical camera and sky ? or will u create new ones ? As they are already existing, I hope u can adapt to them easily.
It's quite convenient to avoid double same tools. I would prefer new kind of tools that do not exist already.My 2 cents...But you know better than me what you have to do, eh,eh !

Have a nice evening
Test on MSI Notebook 16GoRam and 3Go VRAM GTX 970M, Centileo first tests
Good evening Kirill,
here are some new tests of the different centileo lights. I made a mistake in my last test with the spot lights. They work fine and the point lights too.
I used the area lights but I'm not sure to understand the "Portal" option as when it is checked on, there is no light from them...
Yes, the light converter has a problem as the point lights made by it are not usable.

However, I find the light nice on objects even if the objects still have no adapted materials. Nevertheless, I started to try the floor material with a wood texture.
I'm still a bit lost on how to use the different options of the standard ctl material... I hope there will be a more clear window dialogue in a next future version.
I'm waiting for your topics as u said just before.

In my examples, I started with pointlights first, next I added some spotlights and at least I enlighted the scene with area lights from the main window and a smaller one close to a wall
over the place of 3 tables. the result is interesting, a bit slow but clean.
On the last photo I tryed some reflection on the wood floor, just a try, but I got confused with all the butons of the material parameters....
thank you
Test on MSI Notebook 16GoRam and 3Go VRAM GTX 970M, Centileo first tests
Hello Kirill,
I use meter unit.Yes, o,oo1 had no effect...on the spot light
The area lights with portal ON have no effect inside or outside the room, u can see the result when it is on or off on my image with no other change from me.
I will try the point lights as u say. I didn't create any one directly, I just let the point lights made by the converter, so yes, maybe a problem from the converter itself.
thank you
Test on MSI Notebook 16GoRam and 3Go VRAM GTX 970M, Centileo first tests
Here are some new tests of the lights in an inside room.

All the scene has been first converted to the centileo materials and lights from a art render scene configuration.
I made the windows transparent and I put a material wood floor without any special modification.

I tryed first the environment color map with a directlight, no special problem, everything worked as expected.
Next, I added a spot light and impossible to reduce significantly the light intensity except with the radius parameter.

At least, I created 3 aera lights outside the room in front of the windows and I checked "Portal" as u wrote me in your last message.
No result at all, no light through the windows...then, I increased the max ray bounces as u mentioned to 20 but still nothing as u can see on the 3rd image.

Then, I moved the biggest area light inside the room thinking it was due to the window object but the result was still the same, no light.
I turned the "PORTAL" off and I was able to use the intensity parameters but with a large black rectangle in the middle of the image as u can see on the last image.

Concerning the point lights, they have no effect at all...
On the images I let the Centileo render parameter window opened in order for u to see it.
U can see also the parameters of the area and spot light objects.

However, even if there are some problems, I noticed that the light was very clear and contrasted on the objects that will give a very good render in the future.
I made this scene with ArtRender and the result is far from my tastes...Very washed colors, difficult to get a contrasted and clean image... i had to prepare the lights configurations
and the materials to obtain a result but anyway, I wasn't satisfied at all...
Here, with centileo, I saw some strong lights with an interesting impact on the other 3Dobjects...So, I'm looking forwards to the next chapter.
thank you
Test on MSI Notebook 16GoRam and 3Go VRAM GTX 970M, Centileo first tests
Hello Mr Kirgman,
Yes, I use the new physical camera perspective in artrender, the background image coming from google street map has a wide deformation and I use the options of the camera to
get straight wall or, the result would have been the same like with Centileo view (however it uses the camera physical object to render but without its parameters of course)

Concerning the interior lights, I just took a 3D scene I made last week for an architecte. Then, I used the ctl converter to turn the materials and light into ctl ones.
I got all the lights transformed in ctl point lights , if I remember well. And even if I increased the Multiplier value of the light and also all the other ones upto 100000, no light appeared.
I will check it again with your new advices.

For the displacement, yes, I confirm the need of the metric height value would be very usefull.I understand the retessalate buton, that's good yes.

I have a laptop, MSI GT72S Dominator G. it was a good compromise for my needs when I'm abroad.
THe GPU is a GTX970M unfortunately with 3Go VRAM, the I7 CPU is a 6820 overclocked by MSI and it is , yes, quite faster.I was very surprised.(this last one is useless with Centileo)
I have a desktop computer, a little "old" now, a i7 980 CPU core with an hexacore system. It was my powerfull computer during the last years.
After making some tests with a corona benchmark, it appeard less fast than my new MSI Laptop.

I can buy a stronger new graphic card for this desktop to try Centileo on another kind of graphic system, then I will not have to buy a new computer, eh,eh..
I have around 4 available computers that I used as a render farm with Vray.But I do no longer use them as I travel often.

I will continue trying Centileo and keep u informed
Test on MSI Notebook 16GoRam and 3Go VRAM GTX 970M, Centileo first tests
Nice to hear fr om u.

Here are some simple images from a very basic 3D architectural project made with Art Render of Max. It is a project in the countryside inserted on a google image.
All the 3D elements are the usual ones used for ths kind of very fast and cheap 3D project.

The image named "Cam1 Lavoux02" is the final Art Render work. Yes, nothing very artistic, eh,eh. it is just the reference for now.

Image 2: TestProductionButon, here is the first test after clicking the standard Production buton of max.
You will notice on the left of the image 2 3D objects that have nothing to do there. As far as I can see, all the right 3D objects are at their right place so, these ones, I don't know wh ere
they come from, but I know what they are, they are 3D parts of a roof. But all the rooves are ok on the main project...A little problem here..

Image 3: Test3dsMax_ARTrender, this one is the normal render made with Art render. (u will notice, we cannot render with a background with the new Max physical sky, a,eh).
You will notice the textures that display correctly on the road and the vertical lines of the house...Yes, I know CTL is in alpha...just to tell u it is nothing but very needed,eh.
And no lost 3D objects in the space.

The 2 next photos show the use of the ctl parameters with hdr, proxy and displacement.

About this last tool, displacement, yes, indeed as u understood it, it's very convenient to be able to know how much tall is the displacement...Here in my example, I use displacement to
give a shape to the roof...but there are many other uses, like on the protection of the walls with some aluminium with a special relief...It is so log to draw these ones in's quite
more efficient to have a black and white model image to form them quickly and we can keep a fast interaction in the viewport as we don't have too many vertices and faces as they are only drawn at the render time.

Today, I wanted to try an inside room , all the light were transformed into ctl point lights, but no luck, I had no image, it remained black...Maybe it is normal as it is still in alpha stage.
I turned the glasses of the room into transparent ones and got some light from outside. But the point lights remained black.

Anyway, the renderer was stable and didn't show any strange behavior...3DS Max 2017 is plenty of bugs and lacks...I'm really disepointed by this new version and I don't trust Autodesk
to develop correctly Art Render...Mental Ray, no need to speak about it, I don't like it.
I wanted to use Iray but as u know, the Vram Limitation stopped me.
I was really happy with Corona, yes, but in my case, it is useless as their licence policy is a real pain. I bought a box licence, but after the need of reinstalling Windows, or buying a
new computer, I had no longer the right to use it on a new computer. I travel a lot and I needed a new MSI Laptop for gamer with a powerfull overcloked 6820...
Even if I have payed the year subscription, the licence is no longer available on my new computer....Terrible ...! I'm working with Art render for a few monthes now, it is not the best tool...but I can
manage it. Before Corona, I had and still have 2 Vray licences , each one on a dongle...I didn't have any problem of licence when I install a new version of Max on a new computer.

That's why I asked u about this question because, more and more licences seem to use internet to frequently be checked by the company . I can understand it nevertheless.
But, in my case, it's just impossible. I spent 2 months in Beijing last summer, it is absolutly impossible to use internet safely there. I always have a linux computer to be connected to
internet and avoid any porblem. My work stations are never plugged to internet.

Go on the good job
Test on MSI Notebook 16GoRam and 3Go VRAM GTX 970M, Centileo first tests
I have tryed some of the features of Centileo 0.42.
Good news, no crash at all.

The renderer was fast and correct. I as able to use the proxy objects ,the hdr environment and the displacement parameter
but the material editor is a bit confusing, I wasn't able to make a simple glass, for example. Or , I didn't find how to use an opacity on a map, I think anyway it was on a ctlmultimat, if I have readden correctly...I will have to try it. I saw it when I tryed the displacement...
This shader , displacement is also not so "easy"... THe name of the parameter that forces the displacement is too much technical..."OutofRange2", right ? just use "Z displacement value in cm"
Maybe it is understandable for developpers of this kind of software but for most other people, it is not the same. So, I played with the parameters to see their effects and it was the last one of the list in the,eh...nothing bad anyway.

I noticed that some 3d objects had been doubled at another area on the frame buffer, that strange...Maybe a problem with instanciations in the framebuffer...

So, right now, as it is in alpha version, it is not really possible to use it in real conditions as it misses many small important tools.
I have made some images that show some of the parameters on a very simple Architectural project but even here, the renderer is not yet usable.
Hmm, I feel criticizing the renderer, in fact no...I really find it interesting, I just want to talk about the needs, we, 3D users, face everyday.And simplicity, efficiency are the exact words

Is there any idea to use both GPU and CPU ?

A suggestion for the future , when it will be sold online, I hope, we won't have to be permanently logged on internet to be able to work with it...
We need a box Licence able to be changed from one computer to another thanks to a dongle or something like that...
For security reasons, we cannot let the computers plugged to internet...

I don't know how to post an image of my tests, sorry.
thank you for your good work
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