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Test on MSI Notebook 16GoRam and 3Go VRAM GTX 970M, Centileo first tests
I have tryed some of the features of Centileo 0.42.
Good news, no crash at all.

The renderer was fast and correct. I as able to use the proxy objects ,the hdr environment and the displacement parameter
but the material editor is a bit confusing, I wasn't able to make a simple glass, for example. Or , I didn't find how to use an opacity on a map, I think anyway it was on a ctlmultimat, if I have readden correctly...I will have to try it. I saw it when I tryed the displacement...
This shader , displacement is also not so "easy"... THe name of the parameter that forces the displacement is too much technical..."OutofRange2", right ? just use "Z displacement value in cm"
Maybe it is understandable for developpers of this kind of software but for most other people, it is not the same. So, I played with the parameters to see their effects and it was the last one of the list in the,eh...nothing bad anyway.

I noticed that some 3d objects had been doubled at another area on the frame buffer, that strange...Maybe a problem with instanciations in the framebuffer...

So, right now, as it is in alpha version, it is not really possible to use it in real conditions as it misses many small important tools.
I have made some images that show some of the parameters on a very simple Architectural project but even here, the renderer is not yet usable.
Hmm, I feel criticizing the renderer, in fact no...I really find it interesting, I just want to talk about the needs, we, 3D users, face everyday.And simplicity, efficiency are the exact words

Is there any idea to use both GPU and CPU ?

A suggestion for the future , when it will be sold online, I hope, we won't have to be permanently logged on internet to be able to work with it...
We need a box Licence able to be changed from one computer to another thanks to a dongle or something like that...
For security reasons, we cannot let the computers plugged to internet...

I don't know how to post an image of my tests, sorry.
thank you for your good work
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