CentiLeo 0.593 for Cinema 4D R16-S22

May 28, 2020 18:17

#c4d #release #speedup


- up to 2x less noise for some HDR images in interiors
- more stable noise structure for low sample count
- Cinema S22 support (for S22.016+ builds)
- Fixed const color profile interpretation of materials

Sometimes HDR contains a lot of drawn light sources that doesn't reach the scene due to occlusion in interior. Thanks to scene provided by vblackrender (Behance:  https://behance.net/vblackrender) the issue was detected in forum topic and great solution was developed.

CentiLeo 0.592 vs CentiLeo 0.593: HDR without portal on window (move the slider left/right)

CentiLeo 0.592 vs CentiLeo 0.593: HDR with portal on window (move the slider left/right)

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