CentiLeo 0.60 for 3ds Max 2014-2021

Dec 28, 2020 16:07

#3dsmax #release #speedup #out-of-core #particles


- Massive out-of-core particles/instances support. There can be out-of-core amount of particles. A particle object may also be out-of-core polygon monster at the same time. It means that a huge polygon object may be instantiated huge amount of times. CentiLeo out-of-core technology supports 4x more geometry/particle data than GPU memory may arrange 

- 3-4x faster out-of-core polygon scene rendering than previous version 

- Direct TyFlow support with memory savings due to instancing, particle motion blur and attributes: ID, age, velocity, spin, material ID override, uvw0..uvw7. These attributes are accessible through ParticleInfo shader node. See TyFlow integration manual page here.  

- Added Shuffle shader node to permute color channels 

- Fixed AOV image output for animated video sequences 

- Fixed couple of crash bugs which appeared rarely and randomly 

- Added Spherical/Panoramic camera support (in renderer settings) 

- Fixed spot light numeric issues and now they are rendered much faster 

- Fixed directional/infinite light source. Now it collaborates with portals for faster render in interiors (they are very fast!)


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