• CentiLeo Renderer for 3ds Max 0.42 Alpha

    GPU accelerated without memory limits

  • Massive geometry
    High performance

    5 minutes / frame with GTX 485M

    for 360 million dynamic polygons

  • Fully featured lighting solution


CentiLeo is faster than possible, unbiased, scalable, easy to use 3D renderer with complete GPU acceleration and without GPU memory limitations. This is possible thanks to efficient use of CPU RAM with all the computations processed by GPU based on efficient dataflow organization.

Although CentiLeo is in early alpha stage but it has very fast interactive mode with dynamic scenes, multiple render passes, modern shading system with displacement mapping, support for huge amounts of textures and geometry potentially exceeding GPU memory size - this is all available within an easy to use integrated CentiLeo plugin for 3ds Max. The goal is to cover all the possible rendering features. Soon it will be ready for Cinema 4D!

Latest news

CentiLeo Renderer plugin for 3ds Max Alpha

July 27, 2016

July 27, 2012

CentiLeo now supports 3ds Max (alpha) download link. It includes very fast Interactive Preview Render with instancing, shading, light and mesh edits for your convenience in an easy but powerful workflow. It's GPU accelerated and GPU VRAM is simply extended with RAM. Displacement mapping, AOVs are also there. Continued development.. 

CentiLeo renders video shots for big scenes on a laptop

July 27, 2012

July 27, 2012

These 2 demos show final frame video generated using CentiLeo renderer for 2 scenes: a New York downtown scene represented with 25 million polygons and 8 GB textures and a dynamic simulation for Boeing 777 scene represented with 360 million polygons (stored in 14 GBs of geometry data). Last scene provided by David Kasik, Boeing Corp. For both demos each frame was produced after 1000 iterations of progressive path tracing (ray tracing) at 720p resulting in smooth global illumination with all reflections.