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CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.471 available (quality & materials improvement)
Kirgman wrote:
Hi Mike, welcome to our forum!

We are currently working on the multi-GPU and few other improvements for 0.48 such as better IPR, better look and better out-of-core.
This should be more interesting. However, many more things are planned for alpha version.

Please, don't hesitate to write what you want to see in the renderer! We listent to it. However right now the amount of accumulated requests is so large that we can't do them all immediatelly. But step by step these requested features will be performed. And of course we need to make the integration with C4D better, tighter and more native.

For example, I am desperately can't wait when will work on hair&fur and particles Because it is hard and very interesting. The other things are much easier.
Thanks for the welcome. Might I ask, does the renderer have a 'emitter channel' yet... to give Texture emission- turning Objects into light sources with that material applied having said channel? Tying to get used to the UI, lol. After trying a dozen render packages slightly different I might be missing something on this subject.
Awesome what the package has for the bump channel, I never would have even thought of such application, very ingenious.
CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.471 available (quality & materials improvement)
Been using GPU rendering with multiple cards for a while now, (C4D user) tried out both Biased and unbiased, with and without CPU included in the actual rendering process.
I think you guys are onto something after browsing for two days in the UI of the Renderer To say, if your multi GPU stands up in speed testing and a few other add-ons happen, no doubt I will purchase the commercial product you are aiming for.. might not even wait for the add-ons if the 'noise' of Octane doesn't pop its head up.
Not to say 'Fog' wouldn't be good, a base material library, distributed rendering ect ectera..
but the speed now is a plus for sure.
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