Using Bitmaps from Asset Browser

CentiLeo Bitmap textures use the special texture caching mechanism involving file caching in storage drive. This mechanism is used to accelerate the bitmap image access time from GPU to the out-of-core images during rendering. By default the cache files are stored in the same location as the source file specified in Bitmap parameters. For this reason the Bitmap filenames specified such as "assetdb:///tex/Surfaces/Dirt Scratches & Smudges/rustediron2_roughness.png" don't work properly by default because they don't represent the physical storage address in operating system. The filenames started with assetdb suffix refer to Cinema Asset library items that can be accessed using the node editor menu.


However, only one simple user change is needed to make these assets supported with CentiLeo. At first please open the Hardware Settings using CentiLeo menu or using Cinema 4D preferences. Then in the preferences window of CentiLeo renderer it's needed to change the parameter "Disc storage for Texture cache" to the value "Single cache folder for all textures" and next after that specify a "Cache folder" where all the caches of textures will be stored. It can be any folder in storage drive that has enough space to accomodate all the texture cache files. Finally, to save the settings please click "Apply Settings" button. 


The new cache files will consume a some storage space in the specified folder sometimes a lot of space, but using them will accelerate the texture parsing once the 3D project is launched again next time and it's an essential part of out-of-core textures support. Once the caches of some files are not needed (and the project isn't used anymore) the cache folder may be cleared. 
In the example below the srings related to "assetdb:///" files of Bitmaps correspond to the cache files "file_xxx".