CentiLeo is a GPU renderer with very fast unbiased path tracing. It supports GPU-accelerated data streaming technology that effectively renders huge scene assets with the polygon counts, particles and textures that may not fit entirely to GPU memory. This feature extends GPU memory size for geometry/particles by 10x and for textures by 100x. 

CentiLeo supports interactive rendering, node-based material & shader editing, displacement mapping, motion blur, subsurface scattering, fast noise reduction for multi-materials, glass objects and mesh lights. 

Learn more CentiLeo features for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D tightly integrated plugins.

Forum Posts

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Latest News

Mar 28  CentiLeo Manual and Shaderball Updated for Cinema 4D
We have started writting CentiLeo features Manual for Cinema 4D plugin. Uploaded the shaderball scene covering a lot of features settings.  See more
Mar 14  CentiLeo 0.660 for Cinema 4D and 3ds Max
Denoiser, Material converter in 3ds Max plugin, extra shader features and Chinese GUI (Cinema 4D) 渲染器翻译成中文  See more
#c4d #cinema4d #3dsmax #release #converter
Nov 23  CentiLeo 0.650 for Cinema 4D and 3ds Max
Rendering up to 5x, Scene Build up to 4x faster  See more
#c4d #cinema4d #3dsmax #release #speedup
Dec 6  CentiLeo 0.644 for Cinema 4D
Several small bugfixes including color space for node space shaders and UTF-8 characters in polygon restriction tag  See more
#c4d #release
Oct 5  CentiLeo 0.643 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D
Cinema 4D R25 support, faster render due to bugfixing out-of-core textures/bitmaps (up to 2x with heavy texture scenes), added importance sampling option for emission material for noise/render time tradeoff.  See more
#3dsmax #c4d #release
Sep 6  CentiLeo 0.642 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D
Several small bugfixes including "File Reset" recover for bitmaps  See more
#3dsmax #c4d #release
Aug 28  CentiLeo 0.640 for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D
Emissive particles and cloned instanced objects now have much less noise with new importance sampling. New light source settings Direct / Indirect scale, more Emissive material options. Fixed issues with Forester vegetation render.  See more
#3dsmax #c4d #release