CentiLeo is a GPU renderer with very fast unbiased path tracing. It supports GPU-accelerated data streaming technology that effectively renders huge scene assets with the polygon counts, particles and textures that may not fit entirely to GPU memory. This feature extends GPU memory size for geometry/particles by 10x and for textures by 100x. 

CentiLeo supports interactive rendering, node-based material & shader editing, displacement mapping, motion blur, subsurface scattering, fast noise reduction for multi-materials, glass objects and mesh lights. 

Learn more CentiLeo features for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D tightly integrated plugins.

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Latest News

May 19  CIPR conference 21-23 May 2024 and Standalone Application
CentiLeo will be presented during CIPR conference in Russia, Nizhniy Novgorod 21-23 May 2024. See details here (in Russian, English and Chinese). We have started developing the standalone 3D render application for CentiLeo engine.  See more
#centileo #standalone #CIPR #2024 #CAD #renderer
Apr 28  CentiLeo 0.69 for Cinema 4D
Support for all particle engines in Cinema 4D including new 2024.4 native particles and alembic, support for all attributes from the particles, curvature node, ray switch nodes, material reference node and many more options inside. Improved...  See more
#particles #attributes #nodes #hair #splines #curves #c4d #cinema4d #release #bugfix
Dec 18  CentiLeo 0.68 for Cinema 4D and 3ds Max
Spline / Hair native render support, Shader HairInfo (root UV, W coord), 3ds Max Splines, 3ds Max Ornatrix, TyFlow tySplines, Cinema 4D native hair, Cinema 4D splines, line objects, X-Particles xpTrail   See more
#hair #splines #curves #3ds max #c4d #cinema4d #release #bugfix
Oct 2  CentiLeo 0.672 for Cinema 4D and 3ds Max
Several more bugfixes eliminating some crashes while working with Interactive Preview and also fixing issues when opening final render at the same time.  See more
#3ds max #c4d #cinema4d #release #bugfix
Sep 20  CentiLeo 0.671 for Cinema 4D and 3ds Max
Cinema 4D 2024 support, a lot of bugfixes for both Cinema 4D and 3ds Max (including GUI and ForestPack fixes)  See more
#3ds max #c4d #cinema4d #release #bugfix
Aug 30  CentiLeo 0.67 for 3ds Max
Real-time Bloom, 30 AOV Masks, 20 Light passes, improved Decals mapping, LUTs support, tonemapping ACES, Forest Pack, RailClone, 3ds Max 2024 support and other nice little features and bugfixes.  See more
#3ds max #release #bloom #lut #AOV #mask #decal
Aug 23  CentiLeo 0.67 for Cinema 4D
Dockable embedded IPR window, real-time Bloom, 30 AOV Masks, 20 Light passes, improved Decals mapping, LUTs support, tonemapping ACES and other nice little features and bugfixes.  See more
#c4d #cinema4d #release #bloom #lut #AOV #mask #decal