CentiLeo 0.69 for Cinema 4D

Apr 28, 2024 10:32

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CentiLeo 0.694 update [May 4, 2024]: a couple of small bugfixes have been done related to material assignments to generators, cloners with complex hierarchy, bugfixes to button behavior in IPR, and dissapeared particles with zero velocity. All this was fixed.

Support new Cinema 4D 2024.4 particles including all attributes

Support Alembic, Thinking particles and standard C4D emitter particles

Support motion blur velocity channels for X-Particles and Realflow mesher objects

Support Trail Color attributes from X-Particles

Object Tag particle assignment also works for all Mograph particle generators including Matrix and Cloner objects with attributes

Support Ornatrix hair object natively

Support thickness overrides and resampling options for curves in Object Tag

Support for proper native C4D material stacking and material tiling in the object tag list of material assignments

Real-time update in IPR for Material Tag, Light Tag, Environment Tag edits even when scene auto-updates are off same as for real-time updates for material edits

Vertex Attribute node now connects with the vertex color, vertex map or UVW tag data using string based tag name. Up to 30 tags of each type are supported per object

Vertex Color and Vertex Map nodes are removed because now we have more flexible Vertex Attribute node

User Data node provides access to the custom object user data

Object / Particle Attribute node provides access to the object MoGraph or Particle attributes based on the attribute name such as Color, UVW, Velocity, Age, etc.

Curvature node (instead of Dirt node) provides black / white mask to determine surface curvature features

Ray Switch material and texture nodes with support for overrides for Direct Camera, Reflection, Transmission and Global Illumination rays

Reference Material node that can link to the other material of the scene

Bugfix missing bitmaps from asset library

Bugfix solo node rendering in material node editor for viewport and IPR window

Bugfix many other issues including crashing when closing Cinema 4D

Cinema R21-2024 are supported (earlier versions are not)

The manual was updated and the modified articles are marked with [update] suffix


The Geometry mode of particles assignment can be Sphere or Custom Geometry where for custom geometry you may select any subtree hierarchy.

Here you see just very few steps to setup particle geometry and shading. More details can be seen on manual page.


Particle render examples with small spheres

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