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Wish to support C4D Node material
User  Posts: 17
Jan 27, 2024 04:26
Hi Kirgman
I hope you can support C4D Node material,
First, because it is node based, so it is easier to convert centileo shaders than standard C4D layer-based materials (But if Centileo can support default C4D shader, I think there is no need to support C4D node material, lol ).
Secondly, the C4D node material is support by Redshift, standard render and physical render, so it is the most versatile shader in C4D system. If centileo shader can support it, I do not need to re-create the shaders for Centileo individually, which will save tons of time for centileo users
Thirdly, the c4d node shader is fully developed by years, it has everything we need to create, it can be saved as capsule to reuse like asserts, very convenient.
Administrator  Posts: 906
Jan 27, 2024 07:51
Hi LU! We have own node materials & shaders in CentiLeo, it has a lot of settings and similar functionality. And there will be a converter to CentiLeo materials
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