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CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.585 available - speedup 2x to up to 10x and R21 support
Does it work with R21? I've almost switched completely to R21 now. Also Is it going to work with teamrender or some other networking solution? Thanx!
CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.483 available (multi-GPU and efficiency improvement), test description message
At the moment, noise wise it's pretty good, it's actually much faster than octane, the same scene above takes roughly 3 times the time to reach the same level of noise in octane even with adaptive sampling turned on, according to my tests! So you have a winner at your hands, even more with out of core geometry and all, and if you say it can be further accelerated then I'm sold. But, it has yet some way to go to be ready for any kind of production, from the materials structure and naming, the general UI (very important), the tone mapping options are very important (at the moment 2.2 gamma seems really dark for some reason and I cannot go past 4) to overall host app support,( hair, instances, special shaders like mograph, vertex maps etc..) First, for me, it has to match the features of the other players,(sky models, haze, volumes, particle support, instancing and color variations, node material systems, fast sss and intuitive materials and interface, compositing channels and more. Second, it has to be flexible and support each host applications strengths, (mograph, shaders, hair, viewport, default lights) to make it easy to transition and third, it has to play well with third party plugins that are widely used, like X-particles, Carbon scatter, Forest pack( for max) etc. Lastly, a good converter from the other main players would go a long way, like convert a scene from Octane/vray/corona/physical render etc to Centileo. And a good portfolio of good architectural/product images on your website would attract people, but they have to be good, better to not have any than have some mediocre ones.

That's my two cents , all the best for the development.
CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.483 available (multi-GPU and efficiency improvement), test description message
Funny thing, I checked the scene today before I send it and the black marks were gone! I don;t know what caused them.
1min 30sec render here, only one window, fullhd.
CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.483 available (multi-GPU and efficiency improvement), test description message
You're absolutely right! I will make some more tests and send a scene on Monday from my office.
CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.483 available (multi-GPU and efficiency improvement), test description message
Hello again,

Some bugs and requests:

In the image below I get this black area that I don't get with other render engines, it must be a bug.
If I change the camera during render the ipr does not update, I have to close the ipr and restart it.
I figured out the sun but I don't see a real sky model so far, maybe it's in your to do list? If yes then an atmospheric haze or fog option would also be nice!
I would like the values for exposure and highlights and all that to be more unlimited than 0-10. The scale could be from -10 to 10 but if we type in bigger or smaller numbers they should have an effect, much like the rest of the sliders in C4D. It would be cool to be moved in a tab in ipr lico corona renderer or vray.
Cubic mapping support is a must.
Node system for materials... :) and easier materials what does the texture slot do? It does not take the texture, that should go in the color slot.. so what is it for? etc etc.. maybe better material options layering, I can come up with some examples if you like but check also the other renderers. I like that it is tidy and all options in one material though.. :)
Please don't take all that as negative, I'm just trying to provide feedback for what I think is a very good and promising render engine!
Good job so far!
CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.483 available (multi-GPU and efficiency improvement), test description message
Hello Kirgman! Congrads on the release! It is running super fast so far with 7 gpu's 1080's. Couple of things I've noticed:
  • When I change to bodypaint layout, I loose the ipr window and I can't get it back.

  • When I start the ipr window there is some kind of lag, C4D becomes unresponsive for a couple of seconds.
  • I can't get the sun to work, who do you put a default sun and sky in? Or is it not ready yet?
  • Cubic mapping does not work, it is the most basic mapping I think it should work to speed things up.
  • The material system is in great need of a node editor, it would speed things up greatly!
  • It is really fast so far! I mean look at this test after only 1m50sec! interior with only one hdri!
It is on the right path to become a great renderer, it just needs some more native stuff support (like hair, noises etc etc) and a node system support. I would also merge the post processing values to a tab in the ipr on the right for quick access instead of the render settings tab.

That's it for now, I will test further and again, congrads!
Status of preparing CentiLeo 0.48 alpha

It's been sometime! :) How is the multicore going? Please give us an update on current status and keep up the good work!
Status of preparing CentiLeo 0.48 alpha
I think he means cuda cores,..!
CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.471 available (quality & materials improvement)
Any updates on the next version with multi GPU support? Can't wait to try it.. No rush or anything, just an update on where its at.. I've read also about the hack attacks, hope they didn't delay much of the progress.. keep up the good work, and keep us updated!

CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.462 available (few bugfixes)
Wow so quick! thanx! Can't wait to play!

CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.462 available (few bugfixes)
Ok, thank you for your reply, that's how I did it first but then I put the colour correction first and it crashed. As for the reflection problem, It is not working as expected, In the test file I send you, if you put the roughness from the 0.01 that I have it, to 0.011 or more, you will see a huge jump in the brightness of the texture, that shouldn't happen, I can provide examples with other engines if you like, but see it for yourself. Also the mapping of roughness should be fixed as you said, It is way to strong at the begging for very small values 0.02, 0.1 etc, and later it picks up.. maybe it should be non linear, I don't know... Here's the file :
CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.462 available (few bugfixes)
Cool I haven't seen that video. They are connected with PCI express 16x all 7 of them, they are all cut to single slot manually and watercooled. On a different note I noticed that when I load a colour correction shader and fr om there I try to load a bitmap C4D freezes. Also a small list of things that I have as a wishlist:
  • It would be nice to be able to dock the ipr window
  • support for native c4d shaders (noises etc) even if baked and also the ability to copy paste channels in the same way as in C4D
  • there is something wrong with the reflection and the reflection weight also the roughness needs different scaling, at 0.1 it is already too much, look below it seems at 0.1 roughness the weight plays no role anymore, neither does ior, only if I bring the diffuse weight down to 0.5-0.7 the diffuse looks normal, but then If i raise the ior the material gets much darker and in the corners wh ere it should be brighter because of reflection it gets darker, it is confusing, and I know how to make good materials in Vray, Octane and all the rest of the renderers out there so it should be easier for me unless I'm missing something. Edit:It happens between 0.01 and 0.011 or more, it jumps to more than it should I think it is a bug?

Edited: Konstantinos Despotis - Dec 17, 2016 13:14
CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.462 available (few bugfixes)
I'm just waiting for the multi gpu support (since I've got 7x1080's in one machine and 3x Titan X's on another) and the native support for C4D's texture projections ( cubic, spherical etc) to really start working with it. It is very fast and promising so far according to my results. May I suggest some things for the future releases, a native post processing in the right of the live viewer window for real time changes like exposure, highlight compression glare etc.. and later if possible a light mixer similar to corona's. Also support for vr cameras (stereoscopic etc) and cinemas tilt shift (film offset x,y) also an option to freely resize the ipr window and the render Rez would follow. And lastly, hair support and a nodal material system a bit more modern than xpresso though. I know it's a lot but according to my tests this is so far the fastest gpu renderer ( on a single card though for now) and overcoming the memory limitations would make it for me the best for production so I can't wait. Also I am amazed by the speed of development, congrats !
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