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I want to do more quick rendering
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May 9, 2022 13:47

thank you kirgman if you need or want looking my computer

i'm always anytime open windows remote control (anydesk) program

i will send to you my project
please check your e-mail and understand my poor english language skill
Edited: sang - May 9, 2022 13:51
I want to do more quick rendering
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May 9, 2022 13:44
i don't have GRD control panel but similar program has been installed RTX Desktop Manager

and yes!! aslo include geforce lastest driver
Edited: sang - May 9, 2022 13:50
I want to do more quick rendering
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May 9, 2022 13:26
dear respect to manager

my C4D Ver is R20.059 and CTL Ver is R20 0.644 and my computer spec is

장치 이름 DESKTOP-1BH66S5
프로세서 Intel® Xeon® Gold 6248R CPU @ 3.00GHz 2.99 GHz(2 프로세서)
설치된 RAM 256GB(256GB 사용 가능)
장치 ID A6590C9D-9B01-47E9-8CED-1BBB318FECBA
제품 ID 00391-52102-77372-AAOEM
시스템 종류 64비트 운영 체제, x64 기반 프로세서
펜 및 터치 이 디스플레이에 사용할 수 있는 펜 또는 터치식 입력이 없습니다.

운영 체제: Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, 64-bit
DirectX 버전: 12.0
GPU 프로세서: NVIDIA RTX A5000
드라이버 버전: 512.59
드라이버 유형: DCH
Direct3D 기능 레벨: 12_1
CUDA 코어: 8192
크기 조절 가능 BAR 아니요
코어 클럭: 1695 MHz
메모리 데이터 속도: 16.00 Gbps
메모리 인터페이스: 384비트
메모리 대역폭: 768.10 GB/s
사용 가능한 총 그래픽 메모리: 153910MB
전용 비디오 메모리: 23028 MB GDDR6
시스템 비디오 메모리: 0MB
공유 시스템 메모리: 130882MB
비디오 BIOS 버전: 94.02.6D.00.0E
IRQ: Not used
버스: PCI Express x16 Gen3
오류 수정 코드(ECC): 켜기
장치 Id: 10DE 2231 147E1028
부품 번호: G132 0500

I found something unique while using it

if i used centileo IPR viewer gpu usage 20~30% and little bit faster than picture viewer rendering
but i need animation scene and export MP4 file

please help me this problem thank you
Edited: sang - May 9, 2022 13:28
I want to do more quick rendering
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May 9, 2022 11:47
dear manager i am univ student of south korea

i want to know how fastest rendering settings

and heres my setting value

It took a long time to rendering so i reduce my function value

this is when the computer is interpreting the rendering
i don't know why my gpu card using 5%~16%??

If it's the standard, wouldn't it be normal if it came out 100%?

I read the catalog because I was wondering what the problem was. '
I've got what I'm looking for yeah!!!


but there is nothing change function value tab...
could you help me this my problem

Edited: sang - May 9, 2022 13:58
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