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CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.44 available
Kirgman wrote:
Thank you Daniel too! Hope it works.

Our weak point right now is almost no support of native Cinema materials/shaders. We implement everything own just for the start, currently we are in the stage of main graphics features implementation like multi-GPU, fixing displacements, motion blur, accelerating interiors and few more procedural shaders. Currently our material is similar to aiStandard of Arnold. But there will be definetly work to support native Cinema materials. Let's move to 0.45 thread
Thanks Kirgman for your nice and hard work!
Your approach as a talented developer that you are in communicating with mortal users is simply amazing, and I value that too much. It makes you even cooler.
CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.44 available
Kirgman, just to let you know, I followed your instructions and now I can start to try Centileo 0.45.

Thank you very much!
CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.44 available
Hi Kirgman, I just misread my screen tricked me! lol

Thank you!
I'll try that version you suggest me and I'll back here to give you a feedback.

CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.44 available
Kirgman, I`m sorry for late reply.
I didn`t subscribed to new posts in this topic.

I have the latest display driver in my windows 10 (see attachment)

Actually, my CPU configuration:

- Windows 10 Pro
- GF 4GB GTX 970 DDR5 - 256 Bits 1664 CUDA
- Intel Core i7 5960X 3.5Ghz DDR4 20MB Eigth Core 2011-V3 - Intel
- MB GA-X99-UD3 DDR4/3000Mhz (OC) 2011-V3 - Gigabyte
- RAM DDR4 2133Mhz 8GB CT8G4DFD8213 - CRUCIAL (=32GB)

CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.44 available
Hello Kirgman, I saw some friends of mine here. Hello guys, Rodrigo and Tiago.

Tiago has told me wonders about Centileo and I was very curious to try.
But something frustrating happens when Cinema 4D R18 initializes.

When it starts loading plugins it closes unexpectedly without any warning.
So when I remove the Centileo's plugin folder Cinema 4D starts fine.

Do you have some trick to fix that problem?


PS: I double checked the correct folders to avoid mistakes on instalation
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