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CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.491 available (improved shadow catcher and bug fixes)
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May 23, 2017 11:36
Hi everyone,

CentiLeo 0.49 for Cinema 4D R16-R18 is ready! It has improved shadow catcher with very nice controls which can easilly change the strength of the shadow per light on shadow catcher materials. Few other things are also improved.
IPR reaction become more clever and doesn't reset when not needed! Hope there are no bugs anymore like Rodrigo found for 0.48X

We have started transiting for tighter intergration with C4D. We are currently working on Alpha-channel for Material that will allow to blend several materials simply adding them to the Tag line. The part of solution is here (not yet visible for user, but hope it doesn't cause the bugs). Hope that in 0.50 we will finilze the alpha-channel for material.

Download here:

Change Log: cntlc4d 0.490 alpha (2017 May 23)

[core] Improved Shadow Catcher and fixed relevant direct shadow bugs. Now you can control the strength of shadow for each light source or HDR environment map using the dedicated multiplier parameter without affecting/overburning the other layers and other (non-shadow-catcher) objects. Since now to enable Shadow Catcher you should enable the checkbox in material settings (it will work as diffuse component, you can also add custom reflections for shadow catcher material, secondary GI is also rendered on shadow catcher).
[core] Sampling high-contrast HDR environment maps is improved 20% (less noise).
[core] Fixed issue with quite large overall brightness difference when render with or without portals
[core] Fixed Alpha-channel AOV
[core] Added Translucency, SSS AOVs
[C4D plugin] Improved IPR reaction for changing objects, camera and ALL parameters. It updates WHILE are you doing the changes (not AFTER you did changes like before). This comes true after fixing bugs from 0.48.
[C4D plugin] Fixed bug with right-to-left material tag ordering for procedural (non-polygon) objects.
[C4D plugin] Added white-balance control for each light pass post-process changing (see Render Settings -> AOV tab).

Change Log: cntlc4d 0.491 alpha (2017 June 12)

[core] Added Static Noise pattern option. It is used to get either static noise pattern when rendering animation or dynamic (when unchecked) to be used in 3rd party post denoisers.
[core] Fixed wrong blur (artifact) with bucket borders for very high-res bitmaps – was fixing it for long time.
[core] Fixed broken (in 0.490) noise-aware rendering.
[core] Fixed IPR scene parser slowdown (when user moves objects interactively) in case of many GPUs.
[core] Fixed problem with incomplete shadow length in some IPR scenarios.
[C4D plugin] Fixed wrong geometry parsing for deformed C4D Instance Object.
[C4D plugin] From now on in order to save renderer memory for same geometry objects you should use C4D Instance Object with “Render Instance” flag turned ON. In previous versions to get instancing memory saving it was not needed to switch this flag on.
[C4D plugin] Fixed wrong handling of object on/off visibility
[C4D plugin] Fixed IPR window freeze when C4D window is switched to Bodypaint or any other layout.

Please test it and give us feedback to discover further improvements!

Best regards,
Edited: Kirgman - Jun 12, 2017 21:11 (Update to 0.491 with fixes)
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Jun 12, 2017 21:10
Updated to 0.491 with fixing several really bad bugs like for very high-res bitmaps and broken noise aware rendering.

And it has super cool shadow catcher!!! :evil:
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