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first impressions
hey there,
just spent my first few hours playing around with centileo and i must say im pretty impressed. the speed on my little gtx960 is aweome. the mapping of the materials and using lights is something that is confusing me right now. as the week goes on i will add to this thread.
nice work :)

Hi Glen! This is very nice looking reflections! Thank you for coming here )

Certainly in the arms of artists CentiLeo is more realistic than in our arms)

Everybody blames our material UI, so I started a topic where we can think how to change it. The amount of properties is probably ok, it's similar to Arnold. But UI is confusing for users with stable habits.

But we need to work more on the speed of rendering. It should be faster soon.
CentiLeo 0.580 for Cinema:

CentiLeo 0.553 for 3ds Max:

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