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Possible issues with 2GB GPUs
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Aug 30, 2016 05:41
Hello everyone,

I think it's important to write about found issue.

While working with CentiLeo on 3GB+ GPUs is a lot more stable (probably there were no crash-reports).

But there are still some issues with 2GB GPUs like GTX760, 660, etc. And with several tolerant guys we realised that:

1) while CentiLeo is up and running and some other 3rd party GPU based plugin also try to run too then it (3rd party plugin) may take the whole system to the crash situation when trying to access GPU which is already busy.

2) Sometimes when initializing a 2GB GPU we still get some fragmentation issue . But in one place I have noticed my own error there and the other is the fact of attempting to use the same GPU which has no free memory because of being busy by another GPU.

So, please, if you get some issues at initialization then one way is to remove the other plugins but not CentiLeo and run it for tests. If it works without problems or with less problems then please report about it and recover the plugin set that you had before.

Sometimes when the GPU is only one and is connected to a large monitor like 4K and also give resources to OS then out of 2GBs of memory the system may give to us even less than 1GB. However right now CentiLeo requires at least 1408Mb to run without problems but we realised that this memory is not always given by OS/driver/CUDA to our renderer.

Few solutions:
1) to take this issue in mind from user side
2) and we as developers will need to make different setups of internal infrastructure for small, medium and large capacity GPUs. And try make renderer operable even in the given region of less than 1GB.
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