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CentiLeo 0.45 features demo
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Dec 1, 2016 21:12
Hello everyone,

We made some small demo about what happened for 0.45 version. It's available for Cinema 4D and 3ds Max.
Quick note: my artistic taste maybe not nice but the goal was to demonstrate the features :) Kirill is a pro-gram-mer!

Copy-paste video description from Youtube page:

This is the demo of CentiLeo Renderer new features 0.45 alpha update (features available for 3ds Max and Cinema 4D plugin both with interactive IPR). It supports fast rendering with many light sources and real-time adjustment of AOVs that are summed into the Beauty image. Inside "Blend Beauty pass" you can manipulate reflections, diffuse transmission, environment.
Inside "Blend Light pass" you an manipulate the light sources united into the groups called "passes". Each light pass is assigned in the special property of the light source.
Btw, take a look at how many creative look controls we have for the light source.
Also you may notice that the scene size is 8 GB (3GB geometry and 5GB textures) and it works very quickly on the single GTX 970 computing 15 AOVs in parallel (their resoltion doesn't matter, images are stored on CPU RAM during computation).

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Dec 1, 2016 21:14
And some still image. I tried to make SSS skin for this scanned man.
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Dec 1, 2016 22:18
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Dec 3, 2016 17:08
More experiments with SSS on the face of the man
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