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CentiLeo for 3ds Max 0.541 available (nested glass objects and liquids, dirt shader, fixed bump mapping and other fixes)
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Dec 18, 2017 07:30
Hi everyone!

CentiLeo 0.54 for 3ds Max 2014-2018 is ready! Quality becomes better! Bump is much better, however the majority of time was spent on glass+liquid correct IOR handling.

Download link (site registration required):

Change Log: cntlmax 0.541 alpha (2017 December 25)
[cntlmax] Fixed various cntlLight bugs (bad GUI when create several lights, not working size of rollout, wrong radius export for spot and sphere shapes).
[cntlmax] Fixed crashing bugs in cntlProxy when input non ”.cntlproxy” files.
[cntlmax] Fixed some export bugs for instancing and Max Compound Scatter objects.
[cntlmax] Fixed IPR bugs not receiving keyboard input for post processing controls.

Change Log: cntlmax 0.540 alpha (2017 December 18)
[core] Support nested Transmissive refractive objects with different IOR (e.g. liquid in a glass with ice cubes inside). A liquid object geometry must overlap slightly the glass (same as in other modern renderers). The material of liquid object must enable the flag “Is Liquid” (available in cntlMaterial->Transmission menu). Same works with water droplets on the bottle or any other liquid objects that are modeled inside or outside a glass with slight geometry overlapping. This way all relative IORs between refractive mediums will be computed correctly internally.
[core] Added procedural Dirt shader which can enable different colors and material properties on crevices, convex and concave geometry regions. Occluded, Unoccluded and Distance parameters can be textured. Dirt shader can be nested into other Dirt shader.
[core] Fixed bump mapping “terminator” artifacts that can be visible on lowpoly objects and lit by small area light source. User can tune the effect of this fix with “Light Shift” parameter which is available in cntlMaterial->Bump menu for Cinema 4D and in cntlMaterial->Common for 3ds Max. This works for all material properties (diffuse, reflections, etc.).
[core] Fixed reflection artifacts on low poly geometry where smooth normals differ too much from real normals of geometry.
[core] Fixed reflection loss of energy when combined with other material properties such as diffuse or SSS.
[core] Fixed SSS color and weight automatic normalization.
[core] For easy handling in cntlBitmap there is no need to select type of texture “image”, “b/w bump” or “normal map”. This is resolved automatically, except for normal maps where user must enable “Is Normal Map” flag.
[core] Added option “Output Alpha channel” to cntlBitmap. Useful for application with PNG and cntlMaterial->Alpha channel.

Important note
We are currently using JUCE library ( for IPR GUI under Personal license (which is free) for initial testing purpose. In IPR window it will show in the right bottom corner a splash screen for the first start and it dissapears in few sec. It may also connect to Google Analytics to collect end-user stats. Juce guys claim this is nothing bad but stats collection so they know who is using them. However, the plugin works perfectly without any Internet connection.
If everything works well on main technical side then we will buy the full license of JUCE and get rid of these small issues.

GPU Drivers
Please, install modern NVIDIA display drivers. E.g. at least 372.70 or one of the newest.

Adjust GPU Rendering Low-priority settings
Can be found in CentiLeo Renderer Settings -> Hardware Settings.
Low-priority flags are ON by default in IPR mode for ALL GPUs. For fluent work in IPR mode it’s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to keep enabled “low-priority” setting for DISPLAY GPU and switch if OFF for other render GPUs which are not connected to the monitor. Low-priority option is useful for display GPU because it is used to display the elements and models of 3D Viewport and OS.
If you have many GPUs in one computer then Display GPU can be excluded from IPR render to have less competition between Viewport and CentiLeo for Display GPU, this can improve the system feedback overall.

Please test and report about any issues in this pack.
Best regards,
Edited: Kirgman - Jan 21, 2018 17:01 (0.541 update: bugfixes in cntlmax integration for cntlLight, cntlProxy, instancing and IPR)
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Dec 18, 2017 07:35
Some pic, will make more
Thanks for the new build! I haven´t had the time to try it out.
Just a thought, I think it would be a good thing to be able to increase the motion blur time to more than a frame. unrealistic but useful for fake time-slice etc.

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Dec 20, 2017 18:43
There will be another dive into motion blur area to get more flexibility out of it including more motion keys (and variable) and extending time, etc. But this is expected after work on completelly missing "must-have" features.
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Dec 20, 2017 19:22
reaploaded with small fix in cntlLight GUI not showing params for some users (not all)
Hi, I decided to try and follow CentiLeo.First of all, I wish you to continue to develop successfully it and i think forum needs to requests section.
i want to some requests :) for examples; LUT,bloom,glare on settings.
note:I apologize for my inadequate english
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Dec 25, 2017 03:57
Hi arkinyildiz! Welcome to CentiLeo board! It's a good idea to follow CentiLeo because we have very huge potential for improvement in all areas :)
You may freely open a topic for requests in this forum section (about 3ds max) or in "Development progress" section.
Btw, there is a plan for the nearest version updates, see here It includes some complex features / improvements that can influence the core engineering.
After we finish it that there will be a so called vacation: quick run on easy to do features like LUTs, AOVs, proxies, more camera options, physical sky, glare/bloom, material converters and more.
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Dec 25, 2017 04:27
0.541 update: bugfixes in cntlmax integration for cntlLight, cntlProxy, instancing and IPR
Daniel Westlund, there is a fix with Max Compound Scatter object
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Jan 9, 2018 04:27
Hey! I'm new here and I just started using 3DS Max (because of school) not long ago. I really like your renderer and I am excited to see where this goes! It has tons of potential.
I went through your documentation in the latest version and it says displacement in the cntMultMat only accepts cntTexture's but it seems this version doesn't have cntTexture's. Is there a new way to use the displacement?
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Feb 7, 2018 04:17
Hi Blake and welcome to CentiLeo page!
The documentation is very old already. Displacement was deactivated at some point due to many bugs. I am currently working on a new displacement implementation just for the next release, it will be better and faster. The documentation will be updated few releases later.
Have I missed something? I cant see how to rotate bitmaps in material editor.. Very annoying to have to either reedit the image or rotate the uvw mapping on the geometry.

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Mar 2, 2018 04:00
I will fix that soon! :)
Thanks. Also the shadowcatcher only works when the background override is on, set to higher than 0. Otherwise I cant get an alpha channel.
Also it would be great if the secondary light of the matte object was optionaly reflected.

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Mar 5, 2018 10:33
Daniel Westlund wrote:
Thanks. Also the shadowcatcher only works when the background override is on, set to higher than 0. Otherwise I cant get an alpha channel.
Also it would be great if the secondary light of the matte object was optionaly reflected.

Hi Daniel, I will double-check it again for zero values. Maybe it considers that with values 0.00001 the background override is working but it's black as with zero (almost black).
You can switch off the secondary illumination of shadow catcher object if you switch on the shadow catcher checkbox and swicth off reflections. This way it will show just the background and shadows, but will ignore reflections (that are on by default).
I think I had the earlier version... Sorry. No problem in 0.541.
Is there a way to animate the focus distance?

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Mar 21, 2018 13:25
Let me check the focus distance issue and fix. The next version is always soon, but still fixing few new issues.
Hi here is four renders that point out some issues with the shadowcatcher I think.

1. - first is the beauty render shadowcatcher is off. second is Beaty with shadowcatcher and reflections on. third is shadowcatcher on and reflections off and the last one is the alpha I get when I turn off reflections. The same result I got from earlier version when I turnd off global environment map totaly. (even here the alpha gets normal when I turn on the environment map or just ticks up the reflection just a little.)

2. - I´d like to get the green GI from the ground plane on to the teapot, like in the first image, even when Shadowcatcher is turned on. Is that possible in this build ( 0541 )

Other than that I have to say that your sss is the best!! Very predictable, straight forward, and fast. 8) I have tried them all...

Looking forward to the next alpha..
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Mar 23, 2018 19:03
Hi Daniel! Here shadow catcher works as designed in all images.
1. There is a green (green?) diffuse material + some reflection and you see the GI reflected from it and visible by camera.
2. When you turn on shadow catcher then it replaces the diffuse color with the color of environment map for the current context (i.e. for primary visibility this is env map for camera, for reflected rays it is env map for reflection, etc.) In your example the environment map is black, that's why diffuse color of shadow catcher material is black too.
3. And when you turn off reflections then the ground plane become black entirelly: no reflections and black diffuse (because black bacground).

You may get the picture of shadows if you make the environment map not black (green, white or anything you like) and enable Alpha channel in AOVs rollout. If you enable it you will be able to get Beauty and Alpha without background picture but with all that shadow casts (with white alpha for shadows and black alpha for lit regions).

Returning to picture 1 - you want' to collect the picture of green GI? But it's green because the ground diffuse is green (and light is white) - right? If we want the shadow catcher picture to be green too, then need to enable it and make green background but switch if off from visibility in AOVs rollout (somewhere in the top of menu - dont' remember correctly, I am writting from memory).
If you still have problem with it I will upload a scene tomorrow with settings

As for SSS - then it needs currently under development displacement and some other polishing, eg. SSS sets where we could assing some numbers to objects or materials and compute shared SSS influence for objects/materials with same SSS set number.
Current new version development is going very well, but it required to make things that were planned for more distant future, that's why it's goibg longer then we want.
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