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very buggy when closing down frame buffer, leads to crash, max2016, running 2x gtx 980ti, 12gigs ram
Sami Timkala
Guest  Posts:
Aug 7, 2016 05:58
Is it windows 10?
Administrator  Posts: 767
Aug 7, 2016 06:29
Hi mortas may. Please, can you open "Hardware Settings" rollout in CentiLeo renderer settings, then select your second GPU (not the one which works on display and viewport), then push "Apply HW settings". And then test with it is crashing or not.

It is also important to know whether it is Windows 10 or not because in 0.40 version we have allocated the memory for the renderer not very conservatively. In Win10 seems that the OS takes around 20% or so of VRAM.
Administrator  Posts: 767
Aug 7, 2016 06:35
And another thing to try is to decrease the GPU cache sizes for geometry and textures in "Harware Settings" and push apply. Just for test reasons. If after decreasing it works without crashes then we can localise the problem.
alpha 0.42 has fixed problem on my gtx980ti (looking forward to multi-gpu support)

ok now i can start testing this :)
Administrator  Posts: 767
Sep 19, 2016 19:46
Hello :)
Really happy about this. We are really making baby steps. Multi-GPU will be released soon together with other quite large updates. Among them is better convergence and much more fluent GUI when heavy render is processed in IPR
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