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Transmission layer don't work for me
I move the spinner but nothing happend
Sami Timkala
Guest  Posts:
Sep 8, 2016 15:50
Hi render studio, the screenshot from your computer is very nice, he-he :)

But I understand a problem.

Just see this video how to create glass:

We have designed a material when top layers of material override the lower layers. For example by default the base layer mask is 1 and then nothing is visible under it. So Transmission is invisible regardless of it's mask. Currently material has stack based priority of internal layers (Reflection1, Reflection2, Base and Transmission). For example Reflection 1 layer with mask=1 will ovveride everything under it. You may also look to the User Manual - cntlmax-0.42alpha.pdf (page 17) for further explanations.

I think that with setting by default a stack based material layering we have simply confused many users. So, next version I think we should make material layers based on relative weighting against each other by default and optionally switch them to stack bases layering using checkbox flags (which is very usefull for falloff IOR based reflection masks).

Btw in a week or so we will make an update with new features and better performance ;)
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