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cool renderer! some thoughts
Centileo seems to be working pretty well so far. Some thoughts:

I wish there were dispersion settings in the materials.

Would be great if the depth of field could be controlled by the camera instead of in the render settings.

I really like the scratches / other procedural textures that are built in.

I had an issue with motion blur, when I would rotate my object with sub surface scattering quickly i would get some dark patches. I meant to save the c4d file but here is a screenshot:

the whole object is a pink-ish color, not sure why those dark red spots show up when i spin it.

Would love if there were bidirectional path tracing for caustics. (does centileo use Metropolis Light Transport? it sounded like it might use something similar based on the about section)

It's unclear what "max ray bounces" means, are these diffuse bounces? specular bounces? refraction bounces? all of the above? I notice the diffuse bounces are separate so guessing that these are refraction + reflection?

Otherwise good work! will keep testing in the meantime when I have a chance. Excited to see where you guys go.
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