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Shadow catcher not showing correct shadow on hdri environment.
Kirgman wrote:
Harry Setiawan , hello!
The non moving shadow can appear from the regular CentiLeo light source if you enabled them. Try to switch on/off them.
The shadows coming from the HDRI rotate following HDRI lat/long rotation.
Also there are shadow weight parameters on the light source settings - they can be increased/decreased to change the intensity of shadow on shadow catcher object.
I forgot, there are 2 vray lights. Shadow disappear after I delete them.
Is there a way to make the background white or transparent when using HDRI environment?

Edit: I found by override the shadow catcher can not change the background, how about alpha channel?
Edited: bluegap - Jul 19, 2021 05:24
Shadow catcher not showing correct shadow on hdri environment.
Hi Kirgman,
The shadow stay the same on shadow catcher material when I rotate the envHDRI map.Could this be the shadow of default lights in max. or the shadow of envHDRI un-rotated?
Edited: bluegap - Jul 18, 2021 05:19
CentiLeo for 3ds Max 0.553 available - displacement mapping!
Only 2 wishes: round corner and denoiser :)
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