CentiLeo 0.593 for 3ds Max 2014-2021

Jun 4, 2020 20:25

#3dsmax #release #speedup


- up to 2x less noise for some HDR images in interiors (see comparison images here: http://centileo.com/news/130/centileo-for-cinema4d-0593/)
- more stable noise structure for low sample count
- Fixed broken Absorption property
- Fixed bug for lost frames during animation final rendering
- 3ds Max 2021 support
- Material organization is changed a bit. For displacement mapping the Output material should be used which has one displacement texture slot and input surface material slot (any other CentiLeo material). As a result displacement slot from CentiLeo standard and Multi material is removed to avoid user confusion. Also Emission slot is removed from CentiLeo standard and is implemented using separate Emission material which will be enhanced in the future. Also the 2 slot Mix material is added same as Multi material but with just 2 material inputs.

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