CentiLeo 0.61 for Cinema 4D R16-R23

Mar 25, 2021 16:22

#c4d #release #mograph #attributes


- Up to 10 UVW channels, up to 10 Vertex Color channels and up to 10 Vertex Map channels supported per polygon mesh

- These channels are accessible through shader nodes uvwProjection, Vertex Color, Vertex Map

- Matrix Object rendering using reference object enabled through CentiLeo Object Tag. A hierarchy of objects may be referenced but without Matrix or Cloner inside the reference

- MoGraph Color and UVW data is enabled for Matrix and Cloner objects enabling easy and efficient use of Cinema 4D Effector color fields. This data is accessible in a shader node MoGraphInfo

- Fixed motion blur issues with some artifacts

- Fixed few UVW tangent space artifacts (especially when displacement is applied)






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