CentiLeo 0.615 for Cinema 4D

Apr 28, 2021 20:13

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- RealFlow support with motion blur using mesher velocity Vertexmaps

- CentiLeo Object Tag now has Motion Blur tab where Vertexmaps with velocities and Velocity Scale can be assigned

- CentiLeo + RealFlow support motion blur only with cached simulation!

- Improved speed and quality of UV Tangent space computation (used for anisotropic reflections)

How the New Feature Works

To enable MB in RealFlow + CentiLeo few steps should be done:

1) Enable MB (and deformation MB) in CentiLeo render settings

2) Add "CentiLeo Object Tag" to RealFlow Mesher object and there in Motion Blur tab add 3 velocity maps velocity X|Y|Z that are auto-generated for RealFlow Mesher object.

3) Although for correct work with MB the RealFlow simulation should be cached (see RF documentation)

4) Also "CentiLeo Object Tag" has Velocity Scale parameter to control the length of resulting velocity vector and motion blur effect.

velocity mb.png

If a user wants to work on modeling/materials/lighting in IPR for a while without caching simulation then CentiLeo motion blur should be switched off in render settings to avoid dissapearing of RealFlow objects. Dissapearing may happen because RealFlow uncached simulation expects user to proceed with +1 forward frame increment during animation run. However CentiLeo motion blur is based on sub-frame evaluation of geometry for multiple times for regular Cinema objects which may have no any velocity information. 

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