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Sunbeam Tiger
Quick render using an old model with new renderer
Hi This are quick renders of a Sunbeam Tiger sports car from the 1960's. The scene is a simple spherical HDR image with a ground plane with a shadow catcher material which Kirill kindly explained how to setup. The most incredible thing is that it's so fast to render and with great results, with low settings. The images with the single car took 10 second while the multiple vehicle images took 11 seconds on my i7 4790 with 16Gb ram and GTX 1060 6Gb ram. It's set to render with 3 to 4 Iterations with 4 Ray bounces. Even with a little depth of field the rendfertimes are almost the same. What I'd like to do next is learn how to add 'Decals' to Centileo materials to give a true race car advertising look!
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Jan 9, 2021 13:20
Hi Ron! Very nice renders! Btw, it will be fast even if the car headlights are made not from bitmaps but from real glass, bulbs, etc (with a lot of refractive geometry). CentiLeo is fast for such materials.
As for decals
They are possible to do, but the problem is that things are not visual.
Look at the screen and the scene file
There decal is done using the layer shader where the base layer is metal and on top of that there is a bitmap with centileo logo (1) and there is a white bitmap mask (2). Both (1) and (2) are connected to uvwTransform node. This node has "scale" parameter which makes mapped textures smaller for smaller scale. And there is "decal" flag that stops mapping for out of [0..1] range of UVs. This example operates in mesh explicit UV channel the one we create in UVW tag. That's why there are few decals because the UV space 0..1 regions appear several times. But we can also map in XYZ local space to object where material was assigned. To do this a uvwProjection node should be connected to uvwTransform and therein a "XYZ" mode should be choosen. Then with IPR help you can find good offsets to place decal on a surface. Bad that the real decal box is not visible. Will work on this part in the future and will learn other workflow experiences.
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