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CentiLeo for 3ds Max 0.483 available (multi-GPU and efficiency improvement)
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May 10, 2017 22:27
Hello everyone!

Also publishing CentiLeo 0.483 for 3ds Max 2014-2017 like for C4D week ago!

Sorry, it took very long unexpected time, but it required to do so many little things in a complex system and many times the ongoing release was postponed. But now it's ready!
CentiLeo 0.48 release is mostly about multi-GPU and other efficiency improvements for rendering and memory management. Graphics feature improvements (more shaders, AOVs, improved shadow catcher, motion blur and mesh lights) are expected in the nearest alpha releases which will come out few times per month.

Download here:

Shaderball scene:

Light lister script by Ali Kavyani:

Change Log: cntlmax 0.483 alpha (2017 May 10)

[core] Multi-GPU support (maximum 16) with adaptive render data and cache arrangement on GPUs with different memory size. It scales 1.9-2.75x for 2-3x GPUs
[core] Up to 50% improved GI sampling for scenes with harder lighting. Sampling becomes smarter at the cost of more complex computations. For scenes with more or less interesting lighting (interiors, exteriors with several CG lights and/or complex HDRs) it gives up to 50% faster rendering. But for scenes with simple lighting (e.g. outdoor with single area light or simple HDR) where new smart sampling is too smart the rendering is 15-25% slower due to more complex computations compared CentiLeo 0.47.
[core] Solved render initialization problem that decreased render speed in CentiLeo 0.47 by 2x until user manually plays with cache sizes. This solution converts to 2x faster render for production mode and for those who didn’t bother with cache size manipulation.
[core] 2.5x faster scene parsing for complex geometry (when render data is initialized and recompiled in IPR mode).
[core] A lot more fluent IPR experience when camera or post-process settings or other scene data are changed. 3D app viewport doesn’t lag as before. IPR responses real-time for simple data changes (like camera motion, post-effects, object motion or material changes) while user continues moving the UI slider params.
[core] Around 40% less memory needed for geometry storage. Now we pack 25M unique non-instanced triangles (with 1 UV channel, normal and tangent vectors) in 1GB. Wider range of highpoly scenes become less out-of-cory.
[core] 30% faster rendering for scenes with out-of-core geometry (and this accel adds on top of mentioned geometry memory savings).
[core] Up to 4 UV channels supported for each geometry mesh (selectable in mapping slots of shaders).
[core] Material editor preview: much faster and nicer preview render.
[core] Each GPU is initialized with as much memory as needed by scene (unlike taking all free memory even for trivial scenes in CentiLeo 0.47).
[core] Render stop criterion is now driven by min/max number of image iterations and also noise level. If the pixel gets at least min iterations and the noise level matches the user defined noise level then the render will not revisit this pixel anymore. Noise detection becomes more conservative and robust now.
[core] Added roughness parameter for Diffuse channel of material (it also hides shadow terminator artifacts on low-poly objects if any).
[cntlmax] Slight reorganization of Material editor GUI (all SSS are placed in one tab, Translucency is also placed in a separate tab).

Known issues to be solved soon

- If you have several GPUs in computer it’s not recommended to assign the display-GPU for rendering. Sometimes is causes strange behavior. Currently we are trying to fix it.
- Displacement mapping feature is deactivated due to large code changes overall. This feature will be recovered within the next few short CentiLeo updates.
- May not initialize if AMD GPU is in your computer together with NVIDIA GPU.
- Very limited scene converter tool from other renderers (only diffuse property and textures from Standard material and Vray material)
- UVW mapping change of parameters may not be accounted by IPR scene auto update mode. To be solved.
- May not support non-latin texture paths.
- Need to finish implementing integration with ForestPack/RailClone/MultiScatter

Enjoy rendering with CentiLeo and share your opinion!

great update but it crash when rendering for all scene made under centileo.
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May 18, 2017 07:49
eric morlic wrote:
great update but it crash when rendering for all scene made under centileo.
Does it always crash or only when when you start render a scene built with previous version of centileo?
Std question: what driver version, GPU (maybe several) and RAM size do you have? At what place does it crash?
it crash when i start the rendering. its not a probleme with old scene made with older version of Centileo, because when i make a new scene it crash also. If i use the IPR, the system remain bloqued, i must stop the process of 3DSMAX.
its peuraps my config, i use un laptop with a nvidia 650m (2go of ram GPU) and 8 go of ram.
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May 18, 2017 11:07
So the previous like 0.46-0.47 worked fine, right? Ok, it seems because of our hungry renderer for RAM. It is a bug in 0.48 that grabbed fixed 4GB for textures in Max, then 1GB for other CentiLeo needs and 1GB is grabbed by Max itself. After that it crashed because other things also grab memory. We are finishing 0.49 version with new shadow catcher and there will be a fix that will lower the initial grabbing of that 4GB. Will make it around 1.5 or 2GB.

But anyway the new recomendation is to have at least 12GB of RAM and 3GB of GPU mem for robust work. Why? All that out-of-core things require some minimum amout of memory needed for special data storage that allow out-of-core things to work. Starting from certain sizes of memory it works robust, e.g. 4GB GPU and 16GB RAM :))
after installing centileo changing on UI like toolbar and menus will reset after reopen 3dsmax.
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May 28, 2017 06:44
Ali Kavyani wrote:
after installing centileo changing on UI like toolbar and menus will reset after reopen 3dsmax.
Hi Ali,
Please can you clarify what menus or toolbar do reset? We actually save/recover the open/close state of material rollouts in 3ds Max scene.
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May 28, 2017 11:50
Thanks, it's clear about a bug. Will try to fix it
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May 29, 2017 13:23
Ali Kavyani wrote:
hope this help
Ali, was this thing about menu saving working in CentiLeo 0.47 or earlier versions?
Hi Kirill,
Tested by 0.462 ,0.471 and same problem as 0.483.
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