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Subsurface scattering and Displacement mapping test
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Mar 17, 2021 21:43
The Head scan was downloaded here 3Dscanstore has a lot of other high quality amazing models too that are work checking.
So I have directly converted from FBX to Cinema + CentiLeo and played a little bit with the textures. Actually there was an interesting "Cavity" texture in the package that was used as displacement map and not as bump. But the bump map slot was also used for some additional detail coming from normal map.
With Displacement Map the look of Zoom-In, glossy highlights and subsurface scatter effect is much better than with just Bump. However, displacement map produce 100M extra micro-polygons, but they are efficient.
Render times are 5-10 min on the single old and small and slow GTX 970. Or 1:30-3min with two of GTX 1070. 2K by 2K image resoultion
009.jpg (1.03 Mb)
003.jpg (1.07 Mb)
005.jpg (2.11 Mb)
001.jpg (2.15 Mb)
007.jpg (2.72 Mb)
002.jpg (2.51 Mb)
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I am curious as to why you did not use the diffuse channel in this case.
Is that something only for this particular model using SSS?
I tend to try and map all the textures to each channel I can, but I don't know which ones can be left out for certain situations. Is subsurface scattering one of them?
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Feb 22, 2022 06:30
Well, diffuse will not work same way as subsurface scattering even with the same textures. SSS is very much needed to add this small subtle under surface effect for organic objects. For skin or fruits/vegetables. Using diffuse the man's ear wouldn't pass the light through thin regions making it red, and the face skin would look like the desert.
Also here the displacement map was used instead of bump, it's just better. But I think the shaders of this head model can be improved even more for better look as this was done in just one evening.
When I finish implementing support for hair & spline native support the next render example will get some hair :)
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