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How to create glass (and material layer organization)
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Aug 6, 2016 15:16

This video shows how to manipulate the standard CentiLeo material (cntlStdMat) which has 4 main layers on top of each other: Reflection1, Reflection2, Base and Transmission. Each layer has mask with values from 0 to 1 which determine particular layer visibility and the visibility of the layers under it. The principle of each layer visibility determination is stack based.
So, if Reflection1 has mask=1 in some surface point then this reflection is visible and other layers (Refl2, Base and Transmission) are not. But if Reflection1 has mask < 1 then it is partially visible and then the next layer Reflection2 is analyzed. If the mask of Reflection2 is 0 then the Base layer is analyzed until we reach the bottom most Transmission layer which has lowest priority and can be overwritten by any top layer.
On attached pictures you see the renders from the scene on the video.

Quick info on Materials and Shaders

One thing to mention is that at this moment for performance reasons CentiLeo works only with own materials cntlStdMat and cntlMultiMat. However, they are very powerful. cntlMultiMat may combine up to 10 cntlStdMat materials and cntlStdMat has 30 different properties including 2 reflections, base layer with diffuse with the Sub-surface scattering mix and with transmission. Each property of CentiLeo materials can be executed with CentiLeo shaders only (at this moment) which can be found in "CentiLeo" category in 3ds Max material/map browser.

Additionally the cntlMultiMat material has the slots for shaders with geometry opacity (it is the mask which determines where the surface is visible and where is not) and the slot for displacement shader. Both geometry opacity and displacement slots execute only cntlTexture shader (basic image file) for performance reasons because they are executed in the very performance critical parts of code. Displacement will understand the shader trees in the future however for geometry opacity we can't promise this.
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