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Interior test

This is my test via CentiLeo 0.471 in our fundamentals of modeling and rendering for arhviz workshop.
Hope you like it.

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Mar 26, 2017 08:31
Hi Ali, thanks for sharing! The picture has many nice things, but I would work more on the walls. Is it bump or normal mapping? Maybe displacement geometry?

There is also some Photoshop here. I think that CentiLeo needs bloom and glare in one of the future versions.
The neareset CentiLeo 0.48 will get more tonemapping (post-pro) controls.

How have you made the windows? What material properties? That rain water on the windows - is it done with the texture of roughness or IOR for glass?

And what GPU and render time? :)
CentiLeo Chat:
Hi Kirill,
In the first thank's to you for making this render engine.
most of the materials like walls made in Quixel DDO and ported it via my script from Quixel to max.
material contains normal + displacement slots for walls and bars.

controlling displacement with maps is a little hard and this was a problem in CentiLeo I think if disp works as a modifier is very better.

all of materials in this scene converted to a fake GGX looks in second reflection or multimaterial with a simple script.
for windows glass I created a multimaterial with 2slot of glass and mask those with a dirt texture.
rain in the left side created with PFlow+Frost and right side of the window created with superflow for those don't have access to Frost and just make it translucence.

For those who are interested in this scene they can bump this thread and I will make a tutorial after CentiLeo be more stable and more complete.
This scene rendered on a 970m (I was wrong about the graphics card I think is 940m)
Render time 32:46
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Mar 27, 2017 06:42
The window look is really cool!
The other thing I like is dark cover on top of the bed. So, does it also use GGX emulation?

I think 32 min is ok for laptop GPU for this scene. Resolution 1600x860?

As for displacement:
Why using it as modifier is more convenient than through maps? Due to speed of tesselation?
In 0.48 displacement is broken with new tech and it seems to get quite a lot of time to fix it. Fixing it will be postponed to one of the next few versions. But the good thing is that there is very good chance to accelerate the tesselation speed by a lot! It should happen in seconds.
CentiLeo Chat:
Yes emulated.
32 min is excellent via unbiased solution for this noise clean render.

For displacement working with a modifier is more convenient and more manageable specially in big projects.
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