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some dof/camera bug
Hi Congrats to this awesome renderer. Super nice to be able to scroll the timeline and see it update so fast. compared to other gpurenderers I use, this is fastest!.

There is som bug in the physical camera dof. it dont get updated and sets on frame 0 and keep the same distance the whole animation through even if animated. max 2019.

I also had some trouble with an animation that saved every second frame as black or alpha. may be I did something wrong when installed it thoug so, I check when I get to the office tomorrow. Here, at home, it saves all OK.

the Directional light dont work either but I think I red something about that...

Some things I miss most is Sun/Sky system of some sort and alpha through refraction/transmission

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Aug 16, 2020 19:18
Hi Daniel, thanks! :)
1) Physical camera dof. Have you tested the most recent 0.593 version? I have made a test and both Target Distance of Custom Focus Distance are animated and CentiLeo accounts them correctly from 0 to 20 frame in attached file.
2) Lost half of animation frames. There was a problem but it was fixed in 0.593
Is this problem still there? I have just recorder it for the same file and all is fine.

As for other issues - they will be fixed, I know they are very much needed. But currently is too busy with complex out-of-core instancing
CentiLeo Chat:
Hi, I tryed your scene in max 21 and I can´t get it to work. I tryed both target distance and custom focal distance. reinstalled the plugin and, still same thing.
It works perfectly ok when I render it in ipr but not in final render

for the record, I use two rtx cards 2080ti and 2060
The missing frames problem is gone after i reinstalled though :)
Edited: Daniel Westlund - Aug 17, 2020 04:25
One thing I noticed is, it tackes the focus distance from the latest ipr render. so if I do a ipr render of the scene at frame 20 and then press final render. it will take the focal distance from frame 20, trough the whole animation

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Aug 17, 2020 09:49
You are right! I have tested from IPR, not from final :)
Will fix shortly
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Aug 18, 2020 17:41
Daniel, it's fixed! The fix is uploaded. My appologises for bug. It was so stupid :) Also there are fixes for TyFlow scenes which had crashes.
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