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CentiLeo for 3ds Max 0.492 available (improved shadow catcher and many fixes)
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Jun 19, 2017 20:07
Hello everyone!

This is the update CentiLeo 0.492 for 3ds Max 2014-2017! Shadow catcher is improved. Some more AOVs and light visibility properties are added. Important fixes for proxy files, hidden object accounting and problems with very high res bitmaps.

Download here:

Change Log: cntlc4d 0.492 alpha (2017 June 19)

[core] Improved Shadow Catcher and fixed relevant direct shadow bugs. Now you can control the strength of shadow for each light source or HDR environment map without affecting/overburning the other layers and other (non-shadow-catcher) objects. E.g. you can setup a separate environment map for shadow catcher. Since now to enable Shadow Catcher you should enable the checkbox in material settings (it will work as diffuse component, you can also add custom reflections for shadow catcher material, secondary GI is also rendered on shadow catcher).
[core] Sampling high-contrast HDR environment maps is improved 20% (less noise).
[core] Fixed issue with quite large overall brightness difference when render with or without portals
[core] Fixed Alpha-channel AOV
[core] Added Translucency, SSS AOVs
[core] Added Static Noise pattern option. It is used to get either static noise pattern when rendering animation or dynamic (when unchecked) to be used in 3rd party post denoisers.
[core] Fixed wrong blur (artifact) with bucket borders for very high-res bitmaps.
[core] Fixed IPR scene parser slowdown (when user moves objects interactively) in case of many GPUs.
[core] Fixed problem with incomplete shadow length in some IPR scenarios.
[core] Fixed problem with incomplete shadow length in some IPR scenarios.
[core] Improved IPR render performance in case of multi-GPU where display GPU also participates.
[cntlmax] Fixed Proxy CentiLeo object exporting to files and replacing for original objects and now it also understands native 3ds Max instancing.
[cntlmax] Fixed handling of hidden objects in 3ds Max scene for IPR.
[cntlmax] Fixed bug with changing CPU texture cache size.
[cntlmax] Added Target on/off for CentiLeo Light (former CentiLeo Uber Light object).
[cntlmax] Added more light visibility parameters per layer with arbitrary value range.

Known issues to be solved

- If you have several GPUs in computer it’s not recommended to assign the display-GPU for rendering. Sometimes is causes strange behavior. Currently we are trying to fix it.
- Displacement mapping feature is deactivated due to large code changes overall. This feature will be recovered within the next few short CentiLeo updates.
- May not initialize if AMD GPU is in your computer together with NVIDIA GPU.
- Very limited scene converter tool from other renderers (only diffuse property and textures from Standard material and Vray material)
- UVW mapping change of parameters may not be accounted by IPR scene auto update mode. To be solved.
- May not support non-latin texture paths.
- Need to finish implementing integration with ForestPack/RailClone/MultiScatter

Make you test and please give a feedback to make it even better!

For next update we plan to make RandomShader, RandomBitmap and interactive responce for 3rd party scatter plugins.

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