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Centileo for Blender
Hey, just a heads up. we are making a transition from 3dsmax/Maya, over to Blender on smal to medium projects and and plan for Blender to be our main 3d-hub. I know I´m not alone to make this move or thinking about it as no one is really happy about the Autodesk way of doing things.
For starters- Blender as a hub for rendering is something I will use even on major projects.

I try to make you biased towards Blender here... ;)

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Feb 20, 2018 04:05
Hi Daniel,
I understand your feelings :)
And I also respect Blender very very much. However, we should make few other things before that:
1) We need to reach 0.6 release (a very improtant one with hard features in todo list).
2) Then need to make 0.7 with much simpler but usefull features.
3) And promote all of this with galleries, video lessons and etc.
4) We also need Maya from the world of Autodesk :))
And only after that the Blender plugin can be done. Making a plugin code is not a big problem, but making it friendly with Blender licensing (free open source) is some thing that need to be done without forcing the end user to suffer with potential issues related to license.
Yea I know. I just wanted to say it...
Keep up the good work!
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