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Multilayered EXR support
This feature is a well known production characteristic which helps in comp.
Hello there, I was wondering if this feature is supported and if not, it would be great to have this at least in 3ds max, I do animations with redshift and it comes handy when using this feature for later compositing.
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Jan 27, 2020 05:08
Hello Juan, the multi-layer output for exactly EXR is not yet there. Currently in area of AOVs we can output:
1) up to 8 light pass images (light groups) for changing lighting in post
2) and decomposition of beauty image into reflection, diffuse, transmission, sss and other passes.
This works but not yet a complete AOV solution. Will dive back into this area in a couple of soon to release versions. E.g. also would like to have Cryptomatte
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