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Motorcycle rendering test
Motorcycle rendering test
摩托.jpg (846.64 Kb)
摩托1.jpg (804.81 Kb)
摩托2.jpg (865.83 Kb)
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Nov 2, 2021 19:42
hao qiqi0, very nice, thanks for sharing! Did you use procedural Flakes node combined with Ramp node for colorizing the individual flakes?
Btw, the Flakes node also has greyscale output and it can be used for reflection roughness variation in case it's needed.
ok,I will try to adjust, many are not very familiar with, need to study hard, wait for your coke out, I will do the performance effect of the wine .
Administrator  Posts: 593
Nov 3, 2021 15:00
Well, we tried to make our shader nodes similar to C4D shader nodes at some extent. There will be also other improvements there.
And for sure there will be a nice documentation with a lot of examples on shader nodes.
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