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render first frame is black and white then black frames.
I have a heavy render with lots of objects and materials, and when I try to render it is black and white and then black frames. If I try to render again it crashes centileo.dll

Only 6 GB of my 12 GB of VRAM is used during the rendering. What could be happening?

When the first frame is being rendered it starts off in colour and then quickly cuts to black and white before the first iteration is finished.
Edited: ssjenforcer - Aug 15, 2022 00:35
I was able to get past the first frame and beyond by disabling my multi-instance rendered plants on my ground plane. I had 3 sets of ~2000 plants scattered around my scene. Maybe so many of those with translucency in each of the leaves was too much?
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Aug 15, 2022 05:45
It's a bug I haven't seen before. Please, can you send me a scene to for investigation?
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I sent the link for the files.

It is almost 1GB compressed.
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