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First converter test
We're working hard to prepare and produce an accurate converter.

This is first test of Centileo converter (Just converted without fixing)

Will release more details in future days.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
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Nov 1, 2016 09:18
Hi Ali, thanks a lot! We will try to implement requested features asap
Hi Kirill,
Thank's for your awesome work.
Think good news are on the way from new features of CentiLeo.
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Nov 10, 2016 11:58
This is a video by Ali demonstrating work in progress related to material converter script to CentiLeo:
New Converts from Vray with a little bit of tuning materials on 1X GTX1080
CentiLeo_01_SC.jpg (628.72 Kb)
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Nov 14, 2016 11:10
Hi Ali, nice result! Thank you! And it seems that DoF and noise from dark regions resolved well enough.

We certainly need dedicated mesh lights :)
Hi Kirill,

Very good news

Simulate emission by adding CntlConst as float in Diffuse_Color that can produce more noise in render.

Hope see dedicated Mesh lights and Emission material in CentiLeo.

We have good days with CentiLeo in our office.

New tests with CentiLeo 0.44
Centi_06_VFB.jpg (1007.94 Kb)
Centi_05_VFB.jpg (876.67 Kb)
Edited: Ali Kavyani - Nov 14, 2016 13:34
New interior test

Vray to CentiLeo

3:16 on GTX1080
Inter_test4.png (4.06 Mb)
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Dec 1, 2016 12:07
Hi Ali, thanks for your tests! Posting a video with express test too:

New test.

Vray -> CentiLeo

8:37 GTX1080
Interior_5.jpg (2.12 Mb)
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Dec 1, 2016 12:36
Wow! Very nice except of the window HDR :) What is the resolution of textures?
Hi Kirill,

Think was 2048

Just for test and quick scene setup
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Dec 2, 2016 11:50
Have you used some slight bump maps to emphasize the details of the textures? I like the last image a lot, thank you Ali!
Yes,and add contrast to textures for more sharper looks.
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Dec 3, 2016 01:58
Ok, will add it. Right now it is in cntlColorCorrect node
New Interior test (from after a bit tuning materials.

Vray - > CentiLeo

Working hard for better reflections conversion.
PrintScreen.jpg (428.37 Kb)
Edited: Ali Kavyani - Dec 3, 2016 09:00
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Dec 3, 2016 12:38
Hi Ali! It looks very well I think. I mean the rendered image. Will take it for tomorrow's workshop :)

I think that compared to Vray we have colder post-production tone. And it seems there can be some play with reflection weight of the wood that is close to the camera.
But in general if it is a result of automatic conversion with just very slight tuning it's very cool!
Thank's Kirill.

New research about converting Vray Gloss and IOR to CentiLeo.

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Dec 4, 2016 17:15
Ali, I can't believe that it coinsides everywhere just every highglight here and there is the same, every shadow detail is the same.
How you did it? It's amazing! Thank you very much! :)

I guess it was not easy to convert Vrays' glossyness to our roughness. We never talked to Vray about what formulas they use for glossyness, we never tried to reproduce their exact look.
Needed to tons of coding but think solved or is better say now woks better than before have a long way for more accurate results still working on it.

and here is new results.
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