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CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.44 available
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Nov 2, 2016 22:23
Hello everyone!

We have released CentiLeo for Cinema 4D 0.44 alpha

Download CentiLeo (need registration):

Download shaderball:

User manual updated fro 0.44: User Manual - cntlc4d-0.44alpha_en.pdf (2.17 Mb)

This is a small update with a few bugfixes and copy/paste feature for textures which can be done across different materials.

This is a list of changes

[C4D plugin] texture/shader copy-paste as instance across different materials.
[C4D plugin] Fix problems with texture paths using “preset…” using native Cinema 4D bitmap procedures.
[C4D plugin] Now cntlTexture supports all those image formats that are supported by Cinema 4D itself (FreeImage lib dependency is removed).
[C4D plugin] Checkbox “reflect as coat” in cntlStdMat (valuable for reflections at grazing angles)
[C4D plugin] Update camera position during interactive motion (in 0.43 IPR updated only when the motion was over)
[C4D plugin] Camera near/far clipping
[C4D plugin] Fixed standard object visibility settings
[C4D plugin] Fixed crash when picture viewer is stopped
[C4D plugin] Few cosmetic material GUI changes: Diffuse on top, Mix for roughness, etc.
[IPR] Enable/disable IPR status info

Known issues to be solved

- No yet multi-GPU
- Sometimes GUI of IPR window may have old style controls.
- May not initialize if AMD GPU is in your computer together with NVIDIA GPU.
- Very limited scene converter tool from Cinema 4D native materials (only diffuse color and texture are converted and translated if assigned to the object)
- May not support non-latin texture paths
- Need to update documentation and create examples

Please, test it and tell about the bugs.
We are currently working on multi-GPU and an algorithm which accelerating the scenes with many light sources.C
Edited: Kirgman - Nov 6, 2016 20:47 (Updated user manual added)
CentiLeo Chat:
nice!!! im very happy with this render engine! keep the good work!

please make a web gallery to show some Centileo renderings, will be nice too
Edited: Rodrigo Birtencourt Rodrigues - Nov 3, 2016 06:41
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Nov 3, 2016 14:04
Rodrigo Birtencourt Rodrigues wrote:
nice!!! im very happy with this render engine! keep the good work!

please make a web gallery to show some Centileo renderings, will be nice too

Thanks! :) There will be a gallery in a couple of weeks. There should be also few video demos and tutorials.
Right now we are concentrated on several features and also need to fix displacements issues.
CentiLeo Chat:
nice buge fix !

what i see first IPR and PV not matched .

and please remove debug is killing me :D
Untitled.jpg (289.61 Kb)
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Nov 3, 2016 17:20
Hi Aimar, this is related to gamma settings.

Does this happen when you render in IPR and then click the top-left button to transfer it to PV? Does this happen when you just render in PV only?
Cinema 4D changes the gamma of rendered image in PV based on own settings in Output or Save tab. I haven't yet checked all their laws regarding this, so now such things still may happen :)

E.g. sometimes when Cinema4D enables Post Effects then Cinema 4D doesn't change the gamma which is applied in PV. If Post Effects not enabled then Cinema 4D changes the gamma by 2.2
However you can make gamma correction: it can be changed in CentiLeo render settings in Post production tab in order to get required gamma in PV (just test values 0.45, 1 or 2.2). Alternativelly it can be changed in PV in Filter settings.

Will fix this in future releases.
CentiLeo Chat:
Administrator  Posts: 906
Nov 3, 2016 17:35
Btw, this new feature of inter-material copy-paste for textures creates the foundation for node-based material editor. What we need is to map things to GUI. It is planned to be done later after core improvements.
CentiLeo Chat:
sorry i forgot to say if i enables Post Effects setting and Playing with something the result in IPR and rendering in PV is not matched .

node-based material is awesome
IPR.jpg (288.33 Kb)
PV.jpg (299.59 Kb)
Edited: Aimar NL_21 - Nov 3, 2016 18:52
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Nov 4, 2016 15:34
Ok, my guess was right about Post Effects setting. Will need to look at this again and debug untill the images in PV and IPR match for every case.
CentiLeo Chat:
I really in love with CentiLeo, bellow some my studies:

Hope the physical sun and sky will be implemented soon.
There is some plans to implement emission or mesh light in next alpha version?
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Nov 5, 2016 11:06
Hi Tiago and welcome to our board! Nice images! :)

Well, mesh light will come slightly later, however I like this feature a lot. But next few versions will contain multi-GPU, faster multi-lights, light pass blender (aka light mixer) and some improvements for displacement tesselator. We simply come very close to these features, they are partially done. I hope, this is not too long to wait for them.
And then there will be mesh lights, physical sun & sky. Mesh lights should be done via texturing, so that some part of polygon is emissive and another part is reflective.
Btw, currently the native Cinema Sun tag is translated and it determines the directional light based on the used time.
CentiLeo Chat:
Thank you Kirgman, this is amazing, I think I gonna change my c4d workflow to CentiLeo, it is so fast and speed up my workflow a lot.

I tested using directional light with sun tag, but there is now directional light working.
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Nov 5, 2016 19:05
Tiago, I have checked: well by saying "directional" light I was meaning "Infinite" light (of Cinema). To tune it's parameters you need to add our cntlTagLight. Spot, Area, Omni, Infinite - they work.
In our cntlLightTag there are 2 parameters: "scale area" and "scale angle". The first one scales the area of light source surface (this is valid for Omni (becomes a sphere), Spot and Area light). The second parameter changes the directional angle of light (valid for Spot and Directional light). Both params have effect only in renderer output (not yet in viewport).
As for Parallel, Parallel Spot, Square Parallel Spot, IES - they don't work yet. IES is important, so need to make it.

And please don't forget to post your WIPs here so we can visually see where to change the engine to make better performance and integration.
CentiLeo Chat:
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Nov 6, 2016 20:49
Updated the first post, because we have updated the User Manual for 0.44:

The list of changes of manual for cntlc4d 0.44 alpha:

1) Added in Section 3: Special note on GPU memory consumption
2) Added in Section 6: Tab Render Parameters -> Firefly killer parameter has no effect
3) Added in Section 6: Tab IPR
4) Updated (a lot) Section 8: "Materials and Shaders behavior"
5) Updated Section 10: "Interactive Preview Rendering (IPR)"
CentiLeo Chat:
Thank you one more time Kirgman, the infinite light work perfectly!
Image.jpg (113.04 Kb)
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Nov 7, 2016 06:10
I see that ASAP we need to add Camera Tag with individual DOF and post processing properties which override the global settings :)
CentiLeo Chat:
dong w
Guest  Posts:
Nov 9, 2016 04:14
Software could not be started
Administrator  Posts: 906
Nov 9, 2016 10:06
dong w wrote:
Software could not be started
Hi Dong,

Welcome to our board! What GPUs are there in the system? It worked with NVIDIA GPUs with at least 2GB memory.
Have you updated the NVIDIA display drivers to the latest one?
Have you any one AMD GPU in the system?

Can you start Cinema 4D with copied plugin?
Or CentiLeo just does'nt start inside loaded Cinema?
CentiLeo Chat:
dong w
Guest  Posts:
Nov 12, 2016 06:54
GTX 970
0.42 version is no problem
0.44 stuck in the C4D startup interface
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