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Forest Pack Support
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Mar 5, 2023 18:38
BTW, no new topics in 2 years? Just curious if FP will ever be supported?
Administrator  Posts: 827
Mar 6, 2023 07:32
Yes, the forum was unfairly ignored by people, but in fact we didn't push promotion because needed to develop & bugfix more precisely. Anyway there are good conversatiions in the messengers.
FP will be supported for sure, and I think we will see it in the middle of this year.

The next version of CentiLeo plugin for 3ds Max will get very important update: a denoiser and material converter from main 3ds Max shaders (from General category), Corona and Fstorm. And this will be released in the coming days.
CentiLeo Chat:
User  Posts: 5
Mar 6, 2023 19:47
This sounds wonderful! Definitely an engine that has a lot of potential.
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