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CentiLeo for 3ds Max 0.541 available (nested glass objects and liquids, dirt shader, fixed bump mapping and other fixes)
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Mar 24, 2018 17:32
Hi Daniel, here is an example scene attached. Pictures:
1.png - plane, teapot and 2 lights, black background (almost black)
2.png - shadow catcher checked for plane material (diffuse property takes background color)
3.png - background grey just to show that there are shadows there (and plane recieves the shadows). Same would be with image background
4.png - Alpha channel enabled
5.png - changed shadow intensity by light source (inside shadow catcher materials). Those shadow intensities are relative to each other. The higher the "shadow catcher" value of the light source the stronger the shadow.
6.png - Alpha channel displayed

I think we need more flexible AOV funtionality to collect various portions of image and various GI/reflection/refraction subimages.
1.png (631.6 Kb)
2.png (408.54 Kb)
3.png (795.79 Kb)
4.png (525.02 Kb)
5.png (513.18 Kb)
6.png (530.38 Kb)
Thanks and sorry for my late response.
I still think it would be a good Idea to be able to set the color of the shadow catcher by hand and not always relate to the background image.

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Apr 4, 2018 08:56
Daniel Westlund wrote:
Thanks and sorry for my late response.
I still think it would be a good Idea to be able to set the color of the shadow catcher by hand and not always relate to the background image.

just need to understand how this functionality should work and then we can probably do it
I think Daniel wants exactly what I told you about. Functionality like Cinema 4d shadow catcher has. As you can see on my screenshot Shadow catcher material has checkerboard texture in background reflection channel, shadow strength and color and reflection options. So this checkerboard reflects in the sphere above, as well as sphere reflects in the floor with shadowcatcher material.
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Apr 5, 2018 05:47
Evgeniy, the example from Cinema that you show presents a little bit different from what I understand as shadow catcher. In your example there are different material properties for reflection rays, camera rays and shadow casts. E.g. reflection rays from sphere see the checker that is not seen from camera directly).
I think it's a little bit different functionality from shadow catcher. Usually what you have shown is called RaySwitch material (e.g. in Corona) where you assign different materials for Camera, Reflection, Diffuse, Refraction, etc. rays. And there are also some features that implement exclusion of some 3D objects from reflections or camera or shadow casts from other objects. With all this flexibility and based on physical light transport under some constraints you may implement many interesting solutions. And it's possible to add these things to CentiLeo in the future.
What I understand as shadow catcher is a different thing a little bit. It is a tool to add 3D computer graphics objects inside a photo. And the essential thing is to draw shadows casted by CG objects onto the ground in the photo. You usually make a plane (or some more complex object) and place objects on top of it, enable shadow catcher and there you get shadows without additional illumination on the photo. Howefer, I think we can make the option to light source to add lighting on the photo (to the region with shadow catcher material). And it's also possible to make shadow catcher for alpha-channel only: on beauty it renders without background color on the plane but in alpha channel it still draws the shadows. What do you think about that?
Hi, I think the matte material/object properties in Vray is the most versatile. I mainly use object settings in Vray for matte planes I´m not that concerned about shadow catcher but this, for some reason, is always why I have to go back to cpu renderers like Vray.
I think that as soon as we can set some basic object properties in Centileo it wont be a big problem. The RaySwitch material seems nice!

When will we see an upgrade :)

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Apr 9, 2018 08:59
I have added to TODO list: object visibility properties, ray switch (material/shader), improve shadow catcher with more props.

I hope to do next release in a week, but we will see how things work. Right now there is a need to reduce huge counts of tesselated micropolygons. Other things are in a good shape now.
Many additional good ideas related to displacement (better perfomance/memory/flexibility) have been accumulated and I think there will be another alpha release for displacement mapping (closer to 0.7)
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