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materials disappear from the node editor
Hello Kirgman,
When on IPR, if I delete any node (say gradient) the whole material node system, delete from the editor. Is it a bug, or it is supposed to be like this?

What about the next update?
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Does the undo function work when it happens?
I have noticed some centileo parameters don't work properly with undo.
Yes, undo works.
When I pause the IPR, deleting the node works as usual. When IPR running deleting a single node deletes entire node tree.
Undo functions not working with Centileo objects like light.
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Mar 27, 2022 10:49
I am testing the issue right now with a scene composed of single cylinder, centileo node material + noise + gradient or anything else. In R25 with CentiLeo IPR active.
I add or remove any node alone e.g. a noise or gradient. And the rest material node system remains there. Ctrl+Z/Y works fine.
In fact CentiLeo IPR is not related to the node system in either way, they don't depend on each other.

Can you check if your material is selected in the Cinema viewport? It may happen that your entire material is selected in the list of materials and once you click "delete" this selection is removed as well together with selected gradient node. It can really be a forgotten selected material in the list, just deselect it.
What's your Cinema version?
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Thanks Kirgman,
I am using r25. I checked in other scenes and the issue happens randomly. Might be the material browser is accidently the active window rather than the node editor. The issue started after updating to r25. 25 doesn't have the issue.

Earlier version doesn't show this kind of behavior.
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Mar 27, 2022 12:26
Actually by default the material list in R25 isn't visible (I mean all that material balls at the bottom). But the selection may be active if the material it's just created and you edit it.
As for IPR it doesn't select/deselect anything, only change the statusbar when geometry updates are ongoing.
My version is R25.010. Will update to R25.25 to see what's there.
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Mar 27, 2022 14:42
thrimanakatha wrote:
What about the next update?
Working hard on the next release. Yes it's quite long already, but these perfromance things will bring a good value for CentiLeo!
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