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How to uninstall CentiLeo?
You have to delete all the centileo tags in that project.
Render will show HDRi background image in picture viewer but is transparent black background in After Effects?
footage>interpret footage>alpha>ignore
Render will show HDRi background image in picture viewer but is transparent black background in After Effects?
Have you checked premultiply by matte option in After effects?
Some times disabling the matte in interpret footage may show the background.
Does anyone have good material for water? (hot4d)
No liquid turned on.
as i said b4, change hdr map.
Does anyone have good material for water? (hot4d)

This setup uses no diffuse.

without diffuse color

with diffuse color

For close up shots, the bump scale need to be adjusted.
Does anyone have good material for water? (hot4d)
Also I assume that you are using the second reflection for foam effect. Try adding the same bump map filtered through a gradient texture to the second reflection weight. Adjusting the gradient slot you can get better foam.

foam created using noise texture(same as bump map)

same setup wide angle

adjusted the foam effect by gradient
Does anyone have good material for water? (hot4d)

Adjusting the diffuse color, transmission weight, absorption color, depth values can change the scene drastically. You can achieve the ocean look without diffuse turned on. Getting the nice contact color is achieved through the diffuse color.
Does anyone have good material for water? (hot4d)
Sorry for the confusion, here is my material setup,

Which value is 0.9-0.98?
This value goes to transmission weight. If you need less transparent water keep the value to 0.9 and increase if need transparency.
You won't get exact same look until you change the hdri.

Different HDRi different reflection color.
I want to do more quick rendering
Man, you have 48×2 core cpu running at 3ghz, then why gpu rendering?
physical render can render your scene within seconds if you setup the scene correctly.
If gi precomputing take too much time try qmc for both primary and secondary or turn off secondary.
even without gi turned on simple sky and ao setup can make your car look
cool renderer! some thoughts
Have you turn on depth of field under render settings?
Try adding a centileo camera tag to your scene camera and turn on override. Pick the focus object inside the render cam (c4d settings) and increase the sensor width to 10. Adjust the values accordingly.
I want to do more quick rendering
You can speedup the render by reducing the max iteration 1-2 and use denoise.
Just use ipr and check the iteration values, depending on the scene the bigger noise may clear around iteration value of 1.
I use 1-2 depending on the scene and with denoise always get reasonable result within a minute.
Unless your scene too complex to compute there is no use keeping higher iteration values. Just make sure static noise is turned on and use denoise.
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Does anyone have good material for water? (hot4d)
You can try adjusting your shader as physically accurate as possible, but you have to adjust your scene also. Otherwise try artistic way (like the game engine) it will be faster and visually appealing but less accurate.

This one is a quick setup using a plane with noise displacement.
I used a landscape object as sea bed, added a diffuse material as sand.
Water is just a plane with 100x100 subdivision, used displacer deformer with animated noise.
A clear blue sky with visible sun is used as the hdri ( if I change to other hdri, the result will be different).

For the ocean material I used diffuse+reflection+refraction(transmission) technique. Also added a noise texture as bump.
Diffuse color is a bright turquoise blue.
Reflection is default but adjusted the IOR and roughness value.
Transmission value is doing the magic here.
Use the value between 0.9-.98.
Adjust the absorption color (any blue color) and distance value.

Not the best technique, but will work with any other renders also.
Does anyone have good material for water? (hot4d)
Try an HDRI sky with clear blue sky with a sun and small amount of clouds. I don't think you will get a nice reflection with the current hdri.
Also add a sea bed with sand material, 2-5m deep if you are after shallow sea water look.
Fire fly render

Added additional light inside the jar. Random colors to the fire flies.
In case of real geometry + emissive material you may test on/off for importance sampling to get better speed. I think in this case it would be faster with importance sampling = off.
(The fire flies are actual spheres cloned with emission material applied. The importance sampling was off by default. I didn't even bothered to check that. After reading your comment I turned it on and rendered, there is increase in render time.)
Fire fly render
Messing with Centileo,
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How to create two sided materials?
Hello Kirgman,
I have another doubt.
I have several centileo materials created and imported in the scene. I want to mix them with material mix node. I created a mix material node as usual but I couldn't drag/drop other centileo material in to the node editor. Recreating all the material for each mix material is time consuming.

Also the bitmap node can't reuse the imported textures. Converting a scene with different textures is time consuming. I have to jump between centileo bitmap node and c4d texture to figure out which texture is applied and then browsing and selecting them inside centileo bitmap node.
A texture history selection inside the bitmap might solve the issue. Corona has this feature. Blender image texture node has this feature.
How to create two sided materials?
It works. Actually I tried surface side node the same way you mentioned, for some reason it didn't work on my mesh. I tried on new scene, it worked.
I figured out the problem,
The plane has thickness applied so the two side material couldn't show its charm.
How to create two sided materials?
I didn't check with cloth surface, however I added very thin thickness by extruding the plane and added different material via poly selection tag.
It will be easy if Centileo support c4d side selection, or some node like ray switch.
I found a node called Surface Side, but don't know how to use it. May be it has some other functionality.
Anyway I am rendering the animation now. Once finished I will update.
How to create two sided materials?
Hello Kirgman,
It seems I can't create two sided materials in Centileo. I have a plane and I want texture on its front and silver material on its back. I am looking something similar to c4d default front,back, both check box in material. Or a node that can define the same function.

It seems like centileo is not recognizing the side selection.
Edited: thrimanakatha - Apr 3, 2022 02:59
Flickering reflections in surfaces and how to get rid of them?, happens constantly in certain reflective surfaces.
Fixing the issue inside the code is future proof. It is not possible to add subdivisions always, especially in architectural rendering. Interior walls and roof may contain lesser polygons and it may not be perfectly arranged, sometimes with boolean and with ngons.
I am testing other renders also, so far they have no gi issues.
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